Seize the Moment,
And Move with Allah’s Light, Your Wonders to Perform [Quote – 900]

Every moment in your life is a wonder. If you did not get this simple fact, you never really lived.

And every breath you take is a miracle from God. If you don’t see that, you are really blind.

And your heart is constantly vibrating with the power of Allah to reflect his will in and through you. If you do not understand that, you may as well be a robot or a machine, and not really a human being.

And the light of Allah, while eternal and constant, strikes the prism of human hearts differently at different times. If you failed to catch that light in your heart, and let it illumine your life and the world around you, the clouds of darkness surrounding you and your world may never part.

And if you will not let Allah’s light bring clarity to your life, you may have virtually signed off on an eternity of stagnation and misery for yourself and for those over whom you may have influence.

In short, you may have chosen a life of hell on earth.

So, seize the moment, and move with Allah’s light and power, your wonders to perform.