Slaves Do Not “Sacrifice”
They Just Do What They Are Told to Do [Quote – 865]

Oct 16, 2017

Slaves do not sacrifice. They only try and measure up. And they try to please the Master — to the extent they can. 

And of course many cheat like crazy.

As for me, I have no expectations of ever measuring up to what Allah wants from us or what we owe Allah. 

The fact is there are two kinds of people in this world: 

One, those whom Allah himself nudges and guides and pushes in the direction of working for him. 

Two, those whom he turns away from working for him — using all kinds of devices.

Then there is a third category: the Pretenders. The Munaafiqoon. They are neither here nor there.

And these groups are decided when they were still in the belly of their mother — by Allah himself.

Take it how you want. But that is how it is.


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