Slaves Don't Get No Medal of Honor!
Slaves Just Do Their Duty! [Quote - 708]

Jul 19, 2016

Slaves don't get Medal of Honor for service.

If they are lucky, it just may save them some extra whipping -- if we are to go by the rather sad, tragic and most reprehensible standards of 300 years of slavery in the Western Hemisphere: America, North and South and Central and the Caribbean.

What no one should forget is that we are all fully owned slaves of Allah. As a result, what we do -- and what we must -- in the service of God, and God's Creation, is nothing but a tiniest fraction of what is really expected and required -- and needed -- of us.

Wa Quli'maloo
Fa-Sayarallaahu 'Amalakum 
wa Rasooluhu


Just tell them to keep on working!
Allah and his messenger and the believers will all
watch and observe and keep track of what you do.


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