Sleeping Is Dying:
Read the Qur'an, and You'll Know! [Quote - 848]

Aug 14, 2017

Every breath we take is a miracle. An event totally beyond human control or comprehension.

If we don't see that, we need to have our IQ tested. Not our faith, but our Intelligence Quotient.

And when the breathing mechanism in the human body ceases, life ceases. We call it death.

But death can, and it does, come to us even while we are alive, even while the breathing mechanism of the human system is intact and functional.

Every night, and often during daytime as well -- let me drop it on you as gently as I can -- we all die

That is right!

Every single one of us -- man, woman and child. We all die at night -- when we sleep. 

Every night!

And those of us who have trouble dying -- falling asleep that is -- are forced to call the doctor and resort to chemical intervention of all kinds.

How hard is that to understand that sleep is exactly that: Death? That it is exactly what the Qur'an says it is?

Albeit, you can say, a milder, gentler and, perhaps, a sweeter form of death. And certainly a much less scary one.

"Tired Nature's Sweet Restorer!" Isn't that what someone called sleep? A long time ago?

"Death Light," perhaps, is how they would say it in more modern language. But death, nevertheless.

The Qur'an is pretty clear on this subject. Read the Qur'an and find out for yourself.

That alone should tell you that this Qur'an is not, it could not have been, of human imagination or composition. 

Least of all, produced by a man, Muhammad, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam, whom no human being ever taught, tutored, educated, trained or mentored in any form or fashion.


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