Slipping Up or Sliding Down? [Quote - 439]

Jun 3, 2013

Those who say they work for Allah, they must know that Allah has put them in a very special place.

They are Allah’s very, very special people.

And the whole Kawun, the entire Kaa-i-naat, that means all the occupants of all the worlds and universes in existence – what the Qur’an calls Man Fis-Samawaati wal Ard – are watching them; admiring them; cheering for them; blessing them; and, believe it or not, praying for them.

Angels in heaven are blessing them and making Istighfaar for them.

And, on top of all that, Almighty Allah himself blesses them – Yuswallee 'Alaikum.

It seems to me it is a very special place to be, no matter how you look at it.

So, the incumbents in that very special and rarified perch – the perch of being able to say that they “Work for Allah” – must always be super-super-vigilant not to slip up and not to slide down.

For, there is no place in existence better than the one they have been made to occupy right now by their creator.

They must know that they did not get to where they are all by themselves. They were taken and placed there by their master – a most loving and caring master.

And now he expects them to perform – to deliver.

As a result, they must watch every thought they think. That is right. They must monitor every thought that enters their mind. No matter which Mufti or Mullah gives them what kind of Fatwa to the contrary.

And they must carefully scrutinize every word they utter, before they utter it.

And every act they commit.

For, these people are on God’s and his entire creation’s candid camera – all the time.

They cannot escape all these eyes watching them from every side – all the time.

Nor can they afford to let down such a blessed, magnificent and exalted Fan Club.

And what a glorious company it is to keep.

Wa Hasuna Oolaa-i-ka Rafeeqwaa!


(Dr. Pasha)

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