Some Coronavirus Correlations No One Wants to Talk about

Dec 5, 2020


Some Coronavirus Correlations No One Wants to Talk about

Dr. Pasha

Whether or not the present Coronavirus Onslaught is a punishment from God is a question that not too many people seem to want to ask.

But, punishment from God or not, this virus has certainly brought America and many European nations to their knees. I don’t know how else to describe the situation as it prevails today in many of these societies in America and Europe.

Over the past few weeks in America, and the Thanksgiving Travel Data are yet to roll in, and Christmas travels and mingling have not yet started, the Positivity Curve has gone through the roof, as they say.

It has gone Exponential.

In too many places where the curve used to more or less hug the Horizontal Axis, with some slight bumps here and there, that curve is now standing upright all of a sudden.

Experts are calling the situation not only grim, but Dire.

I cannot help thinking, not just as a Muslim, but as a rational human being, who has given a lot of time and attention figuring out the mysteries of Correlations among Variables.

I am struck at the Correlation that seems to exist between the Virus Surge on the one hand, and the eager and enthusiastic and active part that some of these same nations — and their militaries and intelligence agencies, and their Media — played in the wanton destruction of one Muslim society after another over the past 40 years or so.

Using all kinds of covert as well as overt means, methods and modalities.

Egypt was turned into an inferno for its people, and Egypt’s democratic government destroyed, using the treasonous Egyptian Military, bribed and bought by Gulf Muslim Money

And those military authorities have been on an Execution Spree ever since. Wiping out the cream of Muslim Egyptian Society.

Under guidance and directives from, and under the benevolent and watchful eyes of, the same forces and powers and nations and societies in America and Europe.

Hillary Clinton danced over the dead body of Qaddafi, in a manner of speaking of course, when she flew into Libya soon after Our Boys had done the deed and sang, stealing words from Julius Caesar:

“We came; we saw; and he died!”

What a monument to courage and to leadership, and to human decency. And to international diplomacy! This Secretary of State of the Greatest and Most Civilized Power on earth.

Leader of the Civilized World!

And what a Role Model for our children and grandchildren.

From Somalia to Syria. From Iraq to Libya. 

From Yemen to Lebanon. 

From Iran to all kinds of other places. 

Using Covert and Overt means and methods, these same Western Nations, in America and Europe, of which I am a constituent element, dismantled these Muslim societies, brick by metaphorical brick.

And drove millions upon millions of men, women and little Muslim children from their homes that had been blasted to dust by their bombs, turning them all into hungry, thirsty, naked refugees, desperately looking for home and shelter.

And a place to spend the night.

If Lady Clinton had a penchant to dance over dead bodies she helped craft, as she did in Libya, then earlier, the other Grand Old Lady of the Democratic Party, another Bill Clinton Protege, and the First Female Secretary of State in US History, Lady Madeline Albright, another jewel in the crown of Global Womanhood, and International Diplomacy, declared, when asked by a journalist: 

Of course, 500,000 children dying of malnutrition and hunger and disease in Iraq was a perfectly acceptable price.”

The question was about the Sanctions we had imposed on Iraq and the havoc those sanctions had created in the Iraqi society and the death and disease they had unleashed on the Iraqi people.

And did I mention Afghanistan? A handful of primitive people running around in flip-flops and loincloths. Living in mud dwellings. These same nations from America and Europe ganged up on them, for the past nearly 20 years, and turned their society into rubble using the most deadly, lethal and toxic weapons systems ever designed by man.

Of course, it was all done to kill this beast called Terrorism. No one knew what it was or why, but everyone in these great big developed and highly civilized nations knew it was there and it must be destroyed. 

Their media tell us and their politicians tell us. So, it has got to be there. This monster that everyone calls Terrorism.

Or if you want the real name, just call it Muslims. And among Muslims, Terrorists are those whom we decide to declare Terrorists.

How can the media lie or distort the truth? Or how can the politicians for that matter? Because their mother’s milk is Truth, the Whole Truth and Nothing but the Truth

Except when they are out to make an honest living, a buck or two, let us say. When that happens, which it does all the time, every time, they will sell their own grandmothers, and even throw in the kids, when it comes down to making a buck or two, or grinding a political axe of some kind. 

Or just plain getting elected.

Or just fresh from a sex, booze and dope spree.

The question now is this: Is there or is there not a God in Heaven? And is that God a Just God as Thomas Jefferson once called him? When Jefferson feared, actually shuddered and trembled, thinking that there was a Just God in Heaven and he cannot watch all the atrocities that human beings perpetrate on one another; and all the terrible things they do to each other — all the Zulm they do — then that Just God in Heaven could not be quiet and patient or indifferent forever.

The Just God’s Wrath would come to the fore and the Just God would act. And when he does, there will literally be Hell to Pay.

The perpetrators of Injustice and Zulm would be brought to their knees!

So, is there then a Correlation between how Humans Act on Earth and how God Almighty Acts in Heaven? That is the question that our Rigged Educational System and our Mercenary Media would neither raise nor answer.

But is that question worth raising? Of course it is!

Is there any validity to any part of the Bible at all that over a billion people at least pay lip service to? And to that story in the Bible how God visited pestilences and plagues of all kinds to get Pharaoh and his people to Cease and Desist and to mend their ways?

Is there any truth to that Biblical Story at all?

A story that is also told in the Qur’an over and over. And Qur’an is a book that another one billion people around the world believe in and swear by?

So, how professional is that for the Media to bury that question of Our Actions and their Correlation to this Coronavirus Plague that is upon us and to never raise or discuss it in any form? 

Sadly, Thomas Jefferson is not here today to ask that question.

And if there were Muslims around, they would have asked that question too. For, no matter how scared they may have been to speak the Truth, enough of them would still have dared to do it, no matter what price they had to pay.

But not too many Muslims around these days. And those you see in Muslim garbs, people affecting Muslim names and garbs, and engaging in safe and selected Muslim behaviors are, well, God only knows, who they are.

It seems, they are merely Shadows on the Wall of Time. Nothing to do with reality.

Their Rasul, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam, called them Debris and Trash Washed Away by a Flood.

Worthless and useless.

He said:

Guthaa’ Ka-Ghuthaa-is Sayil.


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