Some Day, Someone Will Hear and Read! [Quote – 1076]

Dec 15, 2020

“Some day, some one will read and hear!” they say. How else do you define “Cop Out”?

We need to keep speaking, and keep writing, and keep publishing. As they say, maybe, some day, someone, somewhere will hear our voice and read our writing.

So, no method; no plan; no targets; no evaluation!

You just do some random things, whenever your fancy strikes, in whatever time you can spare, and Allah will do the rest!

Of course, so they will say that. But that is not the point.

The point is to keep a Laser Focus, and to maintain the Steadfastness of the Himalayas, on the path to producing change. Focused, Targeted, Planned Change in Individuals; in Societies; and in the Whole World.

Knowing full well, and believing with the totality of our hearts, that Change is not produced by us but by Allah. 

Innaka Laa Tahdi Man Ahbabta,
Wa Laakinnallaha Yahdi Man Yashaa-u.


Fa-Innmaa Alaikal Balaaghu.

So, while we are not responsible for results and consequences, we must at all times act as if we are. And that means we must hold ourselves accountable for every thought and for every action.

And for every Missed Opportunity, and for every Chance Not Taken.

And that in turn means for everything we do and for everything we do not do. 

Basically, for every decision, positive or negative that we make.

And there is a whole world of reasons and explanations associated with each one of those decisions. And we are responsible for them all.

We are holding the Highest Rank in Allah’s Creation, are we not? We are Allah’s Management on Earth, are we not? 

If we are not, why does the Qur’an call us that?

And Management is where the Buck Stops. And Management means Responsibility and Accountability. And that is where Heads Roll and People Get Fired.

Because on Their Watch the Shop suffered Adverse Consequences, Negative Yield!

So, a better question is: How many people did we try to contact and convince? How many did we beg and plead with to read and to hear and to join and to work with us? 

How many people did we alienate for no other reason than that we begged them to read, and to hear, and to join, and to learn the Qur’an?

And for no other reason?

How many Friendships did we lose? 

And how many Relatives got upset with us? On that account and for none other: Because we asked them all one too many times to read, and to hear, and to join, and to work with us?

And to learn the Qur’an?

So, it is not that simple, is it?


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