Some Muslims on Course to Install an Islamic Pope [Quote - 140]

Sep 1, 2010

“When I hear Muslims call their scholars “Your Eminence!” my heart, just like Wordsworth’s, leaps with joy and wants to dance with the daffodils. In sheer exuberance I whisper to myself: “Finally, dear heart! That blessed day is upon us! It can’t be long now before we have an Islamic Pope and are able to call him Holy Father and kiss his ring.”

“And then,” I tell myself, “our troubles will disappear. Our state of disorganization and demoralization and illiteracy and universal political bondage and tutelage will end. Our public treasuries will no longer be plundered in broad daylight by generations of military and hereditary thugs and dictators with Muslim names and alleged Muslim parentage. And everything will be hunky-dory with Islam and Muslims – and the world will love us.”” (Dr. Pasha)

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