Some Perceptive Comments by a Muslim Writer [Quote – 870]

Nov 4, 2017

From time to time, I do take a sneak peek at some of what Muslims have to say. 

Below is an observation that one Muslim writer made recently. It deserves serious reading and reflection on the part of all of us:

“Muslim countries own a significant portion of the world’s natural resources including oil, gas, minerals and forestry. … 

Muslims make up 21 percent of the world’s population (1.5 billion) but account for only 5 percent of the global GDP (a little less than $5 trillion). The average GDP per capita is around $5,000, which is three times less than the global average of around $13,000. Only a few Muslim countries have a sustainable model of development and show signs of success for alleviating poverty and for the equal distribution of wealth. Only a handful of universities in Muslim countries make it to the world’s top one or five hundred list. The number of scholarly and scientific output in these universities and research institutes is negligible.”

Well, what do you all think?


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