Stakes in Serving God and His Creation [Quote – 561]

Aug 18, 2014

All those who have ever stood up for truth and justice, and spoken up clearly and courageously in defense of people’s rights and liberties, and in the service of God and humanity — and in the service of God’s creation at large — they have always been called upon to offer a price: for their thoughts, beliefs and convictions; and for their acts of courage, generosity, service, selflessness and dedication.

Enormous sacrifices have been demanded of them — always. 

Sometimes it is their resources — time and money and effort and all that.

And sometimes it is their liberty and other fundamental human rights.

And sometimes it is their very lives.

That is how it was then — in the times of the Prophets, God Bless them All!

That is how it is now — during our own time.

And that is how it shall be always — as long as this world lasts.

That is God’s Law in his creation: Sunnatullah!

That is also what is called Nature’s Law.

And that, in a word, also is Islam.


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