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Dec 19, 2010


Theory and Methodology

Contents Page



  1. Preparation
  2. How to Get the Most out of this Book
  3. Copyright, Ijazah, Idhin and Uses of this Material
  4. A Word on Style, Grammar, Spelling, References and Such other things
  5. Some Early and Quick Answers – Really?
  6. A Note to the Reader – Another One and the Need for Literature
  7. A Note on Qualifications and Introductions
  8. A Bit of Cheer leading and Calling the Game
  9. Talking about Standards
  10. Still Working for Allah: Some Basic Questions and Answers
  11. Goals, Aims and Objectives for a Course on Working for Allah
  12. An Earlier Commitment
  13. Ikhlas and Taubah
  14. Taqwa, Ihsan and Itqan
  15. Sabr
  16. Dhikr and Du’a
  17. Tazkiyah-i-Batin: Some Positive and Negative Qualities
  18. Why are the Muslims the Way they Are?
  19. Huququllah vs Huququl ‘Ibad
  20. An Indispensable Human Threshold
  21. Interpersonal Relations: A Question of
  22. Character – Makarim Akhlaq
  23. A Thing called Nafs
  24. Mutations of Nafs: Tribal Tentacles
  25. Still Working for Allah?
  26. Working for Allah – The Long and Short of the story
  27. The Western Wing of the Muslim Ummah
  28. Beyond Time and Space
  29. Allah’s Slaves – Whether You Like it or Not
  30. A Note on Leadership
  31. A Note on Success and Failure
  32. The Bible: A Panorama of Success and Failure in Early Islam
  33. Are Elections Haram?
  34. Excuse Me, But We Are the West!
  35. Some Frank Questions and the Shadow of September 11th
  36. The Need for New Thinking
  37. Working for Allah in the West: Its Nature and Implications – Continuity and Change
  38. Working for Allah in the West: Its Nature and Implications – The Nature of the West
  39. Why Theory?
  40. Darul What, Muslims?
  41. Working for Allah: Building a Better World
  42. A Model for Citizen Participation
  43. Building a Better World: This is How the Muslims Do it
  44. Still Working for Allah: Grace from
  45. Above and a Promise of Help from Allah
  46. Putting our Money where our Iman Is
  47. One Final Word


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