Stop and Think for a Moment [Quote – 68]

Aug 12, 2010

“Place is Hyde Park, London. The orator on the soapbox says: “Now, stop to think for a moment!” I ask myself: “Should I, really?” Why can’t I walk and think at the same time? Or tread water in the ocean and think, something I love to do?

And why can’t I drive and think, which, by the way, is what I do most of the time? I compose entire papers and articles that way. If I could walk and chew gum at the same time, as they say, surely I should be able to walk and think at the same time, don’t you think?

But then Allah does say in the Qur’an: “Go, stand by yourself, or in the company of someone – and THINK…”

Naturally, the Qur’an is right – always. And God’s word is supreme – always! And I shudder at my cheekiness.” (Dr. Pasha)

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