Islam is a Thinking Man's Deen. And, of course, a Thinking Woman's. And that is where today's big Muslim Disconnect is: with Reality as well as with Islam, which, really, is one and the same thing. Muslims, today, and they have...

This morning, my Inbox delivered this mail. Sender's name said "Imam ..." 

Could not read the actual name. Just that word "Imam.

When clicked open, the mail revealed the name of a Muslim of some prominence, associated with the work of a Muslim organization of considerable history and repute. 

The mail was sent to me in official capacity of that Muslim organization and that individual.

The sender's name said: "Imam XXXXXXXXXXX"

{The actual name of sender is omitted}

The following was my response to that mail that I sent out to the sender:

Assalamu Alaikum,


The greatest kindness you can do to me -- and quite possibly to a lot of Muslims -- is to drop the prefix "Imam" from your name.

Just use your name: XXXXXXXXXXX.

{The actual mail I sent gave the name of the sender}

And let "Imam" adorn names like Imam Malik, Imam Bukhari, and such.

{Then I signed my name}

Muslims, should I give a Fatwa that this abuse and trivialization of the highly honored title of Imam may actually -- I am not saying it does, I am saying it "may," but that should be scary enough for most people -- constitute a sin of some serious proportions and unknown consequences?