Has the Pope embraced Islam? Some would say he has. 

Otherwise, what is the point of the latest Papal Encyclical, if newsmedia reports are to be believed, asking Parish Priests to be more accepting of Divorce and Remarriage?

Islam has been saying this for over 1400 years. And it took Catholic Church all this time to catch up? 

My response? 

Hallelujah! Better late than never.

Celibacy -- the Church Ideal for good people -- is not a natural human state: not for male priests, not female nuns. It never was. It simply does not make any sense.

However, the Church imposed that unnatural state on its flock and the results are obvious for all to see.

Matrimony is a basic human need. The Church woke up to it late. But Islam has been knocking at the door for the longest time.

 The Prophet, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam, saying: 

An-Nikaah Min Sunnatee. 


"Marriage is the way to go!"

But the best marriages sometimes don't work. What are we supposed to do?

The Church said: What God has put together, let no one rend asunder. 

Meaning: Absolutely, positively, no divorce

That has been the position of the Catholic Church all these long and painful and traumatic centuries. Just ask the divorced Catholics what pain and trauma many of them have endured.

But Islam has again been knocking at the door, saying, hey, look, if there is no way to save your marriage, and if all good-faith efforts to save your marriage have failed, then, consider Divorce as a last-resort option. 

And now the Pope is saying in effect: hey, look, Divorce happens. So, let us all learn to live with it and let us all treat each other with the compassion and understanding that we all need.

Has the Pope then embraced Islam? The Pope knows.

And Allah does.


There are as many ways to pray to God Almighty as there are, were or will be people on the face of this earth.

A prayer – supplication or asking or begging or pleading with God for things from forgiveness to "Daily Bread" – is the epitome of the most intimate and private relationship between human beings and God Almighty. [...]

Islam came to liberate humanity from all kinds of slavery -- and vices. And it did so quite successfully.

Among the top modes of slavery Islam set humanity free from were Hereditary Kingship and Traditional Priesthood

In fact, Allah had kept Pre-Islam Makkah more or less free from these two most terrible vices, even though the rest of the world wallowed in them.

But Muslims, being Muslims, went right back to the drawing board and changed the basic message of Islam to fit their dominant value structure of the day: modern-day slavery to kings and priests with all kinds of fancy names.

Today, Muslims are about the only people in the world who have real, live, fully functional and absolute monarchs and kings, who completely own them and their lands and their resources, and who are the most unquestioned and absolute rulers of the lands they occupy.

Muslims also have a rich mix of priests even though they call them by all kinds of fancy names. These new-age Muslim priests with fancy new titles exercise extraordinary influence on the lives and destinies of Muslims most of whom are naive, ignorant and ill-informed about Islam and the world.

Thus, having totally changed the basic teachings of Islam, in two of the most fundamental areas of life, Muslims then run around asking everyone why they are in the terrible mess they are in.


How nice it would be, and how convenient to one and all: to finally turn Islam into a "religion."

Into just another "religion" and then deal with it at that level! As a "religion."

Everyone then will have their own "priests" -- Muslim "priests" of course.

And everyone will have their own "holy" this and "holy" that. "Holy Book" will then will be the official title of Allah's book, the Qur'an Karim.

And, don't forget, people then can have their own "rituals."

But don't we already have those? "Rituals" I mean? Isn't that what "Namaz" or "Salah" is? A "ritual"?

And Wudu too, right?

And then -- listen to this -- the rich and the powerful and the more blatantly corrupt among the Muslims can openly and "lawfully" own, control and direct this "religion" of Islam.

Even as they have tried, somewhat unsuccessfully, to own, control, corrupt and direct Allah's Deen of Islam for the past 1400 years.

All the corrupt of the world can then have a comfortable night's sleep. And Shaitan then can finally take a holiday. Take a day off from his busy schedule dealing with the challenges of the Deen of Islam -- and real Muslims.

What a Christmas that would be!



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“When I hear Muslims call their scholars “Your Eminence!” my heart, just like Wordsworth’s, leaps with joy and wants to dance with the daffodils. In sheer exuberance I whisper to myself: “Finally, dear heart! That blessed day is upon us! It can’t be long now before we have an Islamic Pope and are able to call him Holy Father and kiss his ring.”

“And then,” I tell myself, “our troubles will disappear. Our state of disorganization and demoralization and illiteracy and universal political bondage and tutelage will end. Our public treasuries will no longer be plundered in broad daylight by generations of military and hereditary thugs and dictators with Muslim names and alleged Muslim parentage. And everything will be hunky-dory with Islam and Muslims – and the world will love us.”” (Dr. Pasha)

“Everybody keeps calling Islam “Religion” this and “Religion” that. What I want to know is this: Don’t you have to have a hierarchy of Priests and Pundits if you want to have a Religion? Islam allows none.

No priests. No Pundits. None at all. Not one. Nada. Cipher. Zero.

Then, pray tell as they say, how is Islam a “Religion”? (Dr. Pasha)

“Giving human beings the power to forgive the sins and excesses of other human beings just like themselves is a little bit like one fox asking another fox first to guard the henhouse during the night and then the next morning sitting in judgment on the guilt or innocence of that fox.

What a world would that make! And that is precisely the world that we have built today.

We have created a world in which we as human beings arrogate to ourselves powers that truly belong to God – the power to forgive sinners.

The result is a world in which sin thrives; culprits go unpunished; and victims have nowhere to turn to for redress of their grievances.” (Dr. Pasha)