Dr. Pasha’s Arabic Language and Cultural  Immersion Sessions — Lesson 23 Civility Precedes Islam by Light Years Roughly speaking, Civility means being nice. It is treating people with the same respect and consideration with which you will…

Islam is a Thinking Man’s Deen. And, of course, a Thinking Woman’s. And that is where today’s big Muslim Disconnect is: with Reality as well as with Islam, which, really, is one and the same thing. Muslims, today, and they have…

For some people, Islam is like ketchup. Life goes on with or without Islam.

Fries decidedly taste better with ketchup. But fries go on ketchup or no ketchup.

And, luckily, how many brands there are — of ketchup. When you run from one, you can always find refuge in any of the others. For, after all, they all call themselves “ketchup.”

So also Islam.

Every Islamic outfit not only calls itself “Islam,” everybody even has a label that reads:

“The Only Real and Original Islam Ketchup. Directly From the First Tomatoes Ever Made!”