Greetings to the Free and to Those Not Yet Free, But Fighting for Their Freedom

On this Happy and Wonderful Eidul Fitr, 1433/2012, we bring greetings to all the Free People of the World and to All Those Other People of the World Who Are Fighting for Their Freedom Everywhere.

And in these our most heartfelt Greetings for this Most Wonderful Eidul Fitr 1433/2012, we include all sons and daughters and advocates and aspirants of Liberty everywhere, regardless of their race or their religion. […]

“Eid Mubarak!

Kullu ‘Aam wa Antum Bikhair!

Bayraminiz Kutlu Olsun!

The last one being Turkish.

Of course! And why not? Eid Mubarak — to one and all! Indeed!

Muslim and non-Muslim alike! For, this is a common occasion ordained by God for all — fasting I mean. At least so says the Qur’an — Kamaa Kutiba ‘Alalladheena Min Qablikum: The way it was ordained for those before you.

When no one is watching or listening, I say to myself: That is right, yet another occasion — I will call it an “excuse” if you promise not to call me a Kaafir — for God Almighty to bless his people — all people — on earth.

But the question that keeps popping up in my head over and over is this: How are we — Muslim and non-Muslim — different today, after this Ramazaan and after this Eid, than we were before them?

And do you know what? Maybe, just maybe, asking that question alone will somehow help us to be better people today — more honest; more truthful; more just; more compassionate; more hardworking; more forgiving; and somehow less hateful, less prejudiced and less angry — after this Eid, than we were yesterday, before this Eid.

I am not going to say: “May Allah Make Us So, Aameen!” Even though I will and I do.

I am going to say instead: “Try and work on it on your own — and then see what Allah does.

God Bless and Happy Eid, Everyone!” (Dr. Pasha)


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I ask not if you are Muslim or non-Muslim. Nor do I ask if you are man, woman or child. Nor do I wish to inquire from what nationality, race, region or ethnicity you are. And I have no desire to know your politics, or your personal views on any topic, or your ideology or any other identifying marker or distinguishing feature you may possess.

I take you the way you are and the way you come: A Human Being – pure and simple. One of God’s children, as they say.