Democrats received a shellacking in the race for the White House. And that was mainly because they had a flawed candidate who ran a flawed campaign.

Hillary Clinton had no message, no voice, no personality, no charisma. She tried to be all things to all people -- depending on the day and the place. And in the end she was nothing.

How much heavy lifting can surrogates do when the candidate herself lacks all oomph?

The Dems were against a formidable candidate -- a fighter to the core. And they never took him seriously.

They seemed to have fallen for the nonsense the media were parading about Donald Trump being nothing but a clown, an entertainer and a fad.

Clinton called Trump voters a Basket of Deplorables. How do you put something like that behind you? 

And she failed to win over the supporters of Bernie Sanders.

And now the Democratic National Committee (DNC) keeps sending me e-mails asking me if I was ready to fight back!

Fight whom? And for what? Who are we fighting and what is the fight about?

I don't think they have a clue.

Don't get me wrong. I am a born fighter. And I never run from a fight. But the future is not about fighting. It is about coming to terms with reality.

What is really needed is for everyone -- Democrats as well as Republicans -- to define:

a) Their true identity -- who they really are.

b) Their true mission in life and in politics -- what they really stand for.

c) Their true goals -- what they really want to achieve for themselves and for this great country.

Once this is done, they need to then devise an effective strategy to achieve those goals.

Right now, at least the Democrats are totally rudderless and lost.

And Trump is waist deep in the swamp that he set out to drain.

Maybe one way out for the Dems is to put Sanders in charge of party policy and direction. Maybe he can still help them reemerge from the wilderness and regain relevance.

The fact is the electorate has changed. People are no longer as dumb and docile as they used to be.

Nor are the traditional media as mighty and dominant.

God Almighty's Grace seems to have manifested itself in part in the form of Social Media and set the American People free. The People now appear more capable of thinking for themselves than at any point in the past.

So, the only way forward for the Dems is to level with the American People and do some serious soul searching.

Their mission should be to serve the People. Not fight Trump. At least not right now.


On Tuesday, November 8, 2016, Donald Trump won the presidency. And he did so after a bitter, bloody and turbulent electoral Armageddon. 

The favorite daughter in this election cycle, Hillary Clinton, lost in all kinds of most unexpected ways, devastating her supporters and sending shock-waves among her High-Power and Big-Money backers -- from Wall Street to Wherever...

In the American election of a President, there were so many processes and screening sessions over a lengthy period of time to arrive at the stage when finally two persons were chosen to go up for the final position of President.

And the people chose who they wanted.

We don't see even 10 percent of this process happening anywhere in the Muslim World.

May Allah have mercy on the Muslims!

Let us all hope that Muslims around the world learn a lesson from this presidential election 2016 that just ended in America.

And let us all hope and pray that Muslims everywhere will insist that they too should have the right to choose their leadership at all levels -- from the lowest to the highest.

For, as Dr. Pasha has made clear repeatedly, that is Islam.


Ten Trillion dollars were thrown away in our mad killing sprees of mostly innocent Muslim men, women and children across the world over the past 25 years. Even though the official dollar figure often acknowledged is $6 Trillion.
Pretexts and arguments, justifications and rationalizations used for these so-called wars were different, as they have to be, just like Paul Wolfowitz noted on television. But the object and outcome was the same: mostly innocent Muslim blood flowing like flood water in Muslim lands everywhere.
And Muslim masses, in their hundreds of millions, driven from their homes and ancestral lands and turned overnight into homeless, landless, hopeless refugees.
Wolfowitz said it best on TV. He said they used the Nuclear Argument to start a so-called war because they thought that would sell the best with the American People...

We bring Islam to the world one tiny little digestible nugget at a time. Generally speaking, we do this by clarifying one simple concept at a time. Also, if, where and when we can, we do this by explaining one ordinary real-life occurrence at a time. 

Hear Bernie Sanders speak in his campaign rallies in the Democratic primaries. You will say it is politics, and it is. 

But you connect with his facts and arguments, and you will say: Sounds awfully like Islam. And it does.

For, Islam is, first of all, speaking the truth, not spinning circles around it.

Second, healthcare as a human right is Islam -- before it was, and more than it is, politics. 

And so is campaigning for a society that is free from corruption.

Trying to clean up a society in which big politicians are bought up and owned by big private and corporate money leading up to big corruption is what Islam came in this world to do. Read the Qur'an and you will see prophet after prophet waging the same campaign during his time.

If a 74-year-old Jew is the one God has selected to spearhead this fight in America at this time, instead of a Muslim, who should have been the one doing it, those who know Islam, and understand politics, would say: More Power to Him!

May God bless those who fight for righteousness. For, they fight in the path of God. 

And it is Islam -- pure and simple.