• Qur’an refers to animals as nations and societies just like you.
  • The Qur’an 1400 years old on this earth, verbatim still in our hands.
  • God exists because you exist.
  • Spirit of freedom in the West.
  • Islam means freedom.
  • Islam and freedom, same thing.
  • Biggest lie about Islam: “Muslims forced everybody to become Muslims.”
  • You need a basic foundation of human freedom, personal choice and human dignity on which you erect the pillars of Islam.
  • When Muslims mess up, the world will be a mess.
  • Why are the Muslims killing Muslims?
  • Why all the violence?
  • Hundreds and thousands killed just for wanting to be free.
  • Beautiful prayer by Prophet Muhammad, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam, just like everyone of his other prayers: 
    “Dear God make me small in my own eyes and make me big in the eyes of others.”
  • Showing love and patience to the younger people.
  • Examples of Mosques. Examples of others.
  • “Greet people who you know and greet those who you don’t know.”  Prophet Muhammad, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam. Say something nice.
  • Basis of discrimination towards others.
  • Dealing with people is dealing with God.
  • Bargaining with God and the arrogance people show, an example of a room in paradise.
  • A formula of how to treat people right.
  • Connection between Jesus and Muhammad, Alaihimassalam.
  • “They are not part of us, those who don’t show respect to those who are older than them and those who don’t show compassion to those who are younger than them” Prophet Muhammad, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam.


  • We are not prisoners of a narrow view of what people call religion, but we look at Islam the way the Qur'an presents it to us and how God Almighty suggests what Islam really is, and how Prophet Muhammad, sallahu alahi wa sallam, showed us what it is.
  • Islam and the laws of nature, and universe.
  • Human beings subject to the laws of God.
  • Different levels, forms and phases of Islam.
  • Freedom of choice to believe or reject belief in God Almighty.
  • Oxymoron in trying to prove the existence of God.
  • Why you can't prove the existence of God - because God is whose existence you can't prove.
  • The essence of a democratic way of life.
  • No Islam without democracy, democracy is God's way.
  • There is compulsion on one-side and this is freedom and choice on the other side and that is Islam.
  • The devil's successful lie, that Muslims don't believe in choice.
  • God has made it a level playing field.
  • The Lie from the devil putting the blame on the women.
  • Divine instruments installed in us to protect ourselves from untruth and the devil.
  • The devil's first lie.
  • Recovering from colonial domination; Africa, Americas, India, Arab World, Iran...
  • Generation after generation, brutality of dictatorship.
  • Suddenly the Egyptian nation woke up.

“Before Islam, there was no such thing as the right to Freedom of Expression in the world. Islam gave people – all people – the right to free speech.

How I wish Muslims had known this fact.

And how I wish the world would know this fact even now.” (Dr. Pasha)

“You have the right to say “No!” to anyone and anything including God Almighty. That is a right given to you by God himself. That is what makes you a human being.

And, believe it or not, that is what Islam came into this world to teach – and to ensure that everyone everywhere had that right. Of course, what you do with that right and how you use it is a different matter.” (Dr. Pasha)


  1. Boundaries Define Things and Give Them Character
  2. A Perfect Revolution for Basic Human Freedoms
  3. Islam’s Gift of Fundamental Human Rights and Freedoms
  4. Ability to Speak and Express Oneself: Essence of Human Life on Earth
  5. Islam: A Foundation for Peace on Earth
  6. God’s Boundaries Save Lives
  7. Moderation, Thy Name Is Islam: How Islam Nips Totalitarian Tendencies in the Bud
  8. Islam Is Not Guesswork: It Is Direct Divine Revelation
  9. Islam: A System Rooted in Original Divine Text
  10. Islamic “Reformation”: Colonialism in a New Garb
  11. Protestant Reformation: A Partial Islamization of Christianity
  12. Another Miracle: Islam Is Dynamic and Resilient
  13. A World Made in the Image of Islam
  14. Islam’s Constancy in the Face of Change
  15. World Adopts Islamic Teachings and Practices, But Gives Islam or Muslims No Credit
  16. Recalling the Handwashing Discovery by ASM in Mid-1990s
  17. Islam Is a “Path,” Not a Desert Expanse or a Jungle Bush
  18. Path Means Boundedness and Directionality
  19. King Henry VIII of England Starts a New Religion to Marry a New Wife
  20. There Is No Such Thing as “Halaal” Beer in Islam
  21. Islam Rolls with the Punches and Rises up Strong Every Time
  22. Will Some Muslims Misbehave? Surely They Will!
  23. God Almighty’s Commitment to Protect Islam