Islam and Muslims have always had enemies. It is the nature of the thing: You do something good, something really noble and outstanding, and bad people will resist, oppose and fight you and fight what you are doing. That, as I said, is the nature of the beast.

But what is new is that the curve has jumped to unprecedented heights in more recent times. At least it would appear so. Because in every age, the assessment by the Good Guys of that period, like Nuh, Alaihis Salam, for example, was: Wa Makaroo Makran Kubbaara — meaning, in broad paraphrase of course: The enemies of truth and justice and goodness resorted to the worst and the most terrible and deadly kind of conspiracies and plotting and treachery.

So, the Testimony of Time — Wal ‘Asr, as the Qur’an puts it — is that apparently the Bad Guys always had a field day of lies, deceit and propaganda against the doers of Good and speakers of Truth.

So, the ongoing rampage of hate and prejudice against Islam and Muslims, and the barrage of the most vicious anti-Islam and anti-Muslim propaganda around the world within our lifetime, are stunning to say the least. The question is has anyone ever considered the psychological and social impact of this unrelenting wave upon wave of hate and hostility on its targets: the Muslims.

What does all this negative characterizing and all this vicious name-calling do to Muslims as individuals and families, and as groups, communities and societies? To generation after generation after generation of them? The answer is simple and straightforward: damage — incalculable and unpredictable damage.

Psychological damage and social damage and every other kind of damage of the worst proportions you can think of.

The miracle is that in the midst of all this hate and hostility directed at them, Muslims and Islam not only survive but also continue to grow and multiply and spread — in their own way of course. This is no less than direct evidence — proof if you will — that Islam is from God and Muslims are God’s People, no matter how messed up they may appear to be in their head and in their behavior. And as People of Haqq — Keepers of Truth if you will — in this world, Muslims are inexorably and unstoppably on their way to Paradise!

So let me say what any decent and civilized person in the world should be saying:

“May God Almighty bless and guide and help the Muslims!
And may God Almighty forgive Muslims their sins!”

“And may God Almighty replace the hate in the hearts of the enemies of Islam and Muslims with genuine love and respect for Truth and Justice — and for Islam and Muslims!”


I have devoted a lifetime to the study of attacks on Islam and Muslims.

“And on the Qur’an and the Prophet, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam.

After years of careful analysis, I have come to the following conclusions:

(1) Many of the attacks on Islam and Muslims are egregious, ill-intentioned and malicious.

(2) These attacks proceed from a diverse set of motives ranging from religious and political to economic, financial and personal.

(3) And the best way to deal with these attacks is for Muslims to present Islam to the world in an organized, vigorous, comprehensive and proactive manner.

(4) This is something Muslims largely failed to do in the past. And this is what Muslims must start doing at least now — without losing more time.

(5) Such a positive and purposeful presentation of Islam to the world will automatically address, and effectively answer, many of the issues that are raised by those who attack Islam.

(6) It will give the lie to many of the false charges laid against Islam by those who hate Islam and Muslims for their own religious and political and other reasons.

(7) While a small hard core of Islam-haters will remain unaffected by this attempt on the part of Muslims to present Islam to the world, a large preponderance of people around the world will react positively to it.

(8) And once Muslims have done a fair amount of baseline presentation work, Allah will open the hearts and minds of the world to the beauty, truth and glory of his Deen of Islam.” (Dr. Pasha)

“To love and to hate is part of human nature.

As a result, all of us love and hate something or someone. And we do that in one form or another and at one point of our life or another.

Those who are driven entirely by their own base needs and emotions, they love and hate for narrow personal and selfish reasons.

But those that are blessed and favored by God, they love and hate for broader and more enlightened reasons.

They love and hate for the sake of God.

That means they use their basic human emotions of love and hate as an instrument of loving God and serving all of humanity and all of God’s creation.

As a result, they love all – and hate none. For, love is their dominant emotion.

But when they see God’s laws being disrespected, and when they see God’s most basic commandments being violated, and when they see all kinds of atrocities and injustices being perpetrated on their fellow human beings, or on God’s broader creation in any form or fashion, they often tend to react not only in sorrow and pain, but also in anger and with indignation.

But theirs is a righteous wrath.

And it is not unlike God’s own wrath and indignation when he beholds humans violating his laws and commandments on earth: knowingly, willfully and persistently.

And when he sees human beings commit all kinds of blatant wrongs and oppressions against one another – something the Qur’an repeatedly refers to as Zulm, a term that sadly is not a part of English vocabulary.

So, the wrath of these good people against Zulm, in that context, is a reflection on earth of divine displeasure in Heaven.

And those who do not feel this righteous wrath and indignation, at any time and with regard to any issue, are often the ones whose hearts have gone dead.

They are people who have not allowed themselves to rise above the lowest level of human existence.

In fact, they are like animals, if not worse, as the Qur’an puts it.

They proceed from the narrowest focus and motives of personal greed, ambition and selfishness.

But what the good people in their state of righteous wrath and divinely inspired indignation do not do is take the law of the land – any law of any land – in their own hands as it were.

Nor do they use their righteous rage to perpetrate any atrocity or terrible deed of their own (Zulm) on the guilty.

But instead they set about systematically working to wipe out all injustices from the face of the earth.

And they do so by embarking upon a totally focused mission of inviting humanity to God and to his Book, the Qur’an, and to his prophet, Muhammad, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam.

And they do that using the best and the finest possible means and methods of human communication and outreach ever devised.

Such blessed individuals are God’s reflection on earth. They are God’s elect.

And they are God’s chosen and favored people in every age and place. ” (Dr. Pasha)

First of all, let me explain a simple fact about life – and about science, to the extent I understand science, if I do at all: As a rule, a univariate model of reality is dead on arrival.

Meaning: Any attempt to understand or explain reality – any reality, meaning anything in this world – using only one variable or factor as its cause or explanation is almost always misleading – if not downright wrong.

So, there is not one single reason why “They” hate Islam – and Muslims. But there is a whole set of them: a whole lot of reasons and motivations why “They” hate Islam.

And often these reasons and causes work in concert with one another – work in tandem that is.

But Islam is nothing if not systematic – and from that point of view absolutely and positively scientific.

So, let me take first things first. And let me tackle them, one thing at a time.

“In the midst of all the din and confusion that surround the subject of Islam today, here is what Islam really stands for:

  • Islam means studying one’s environment in all its dimensions – physical, social, political, economic, cultural and all else – carefully, diligently, responsibly and scientifically.
  • Islam then means acquiring as thorough, clear and complete an understanding as possible of one’s environment in all its dimensions.
  • Islam thereafter means acquiring all the skills, techniques, technologies and resources – physical, social, cultural, political, intellectual, financial, economic, legal, electronic, other – needed to master one’s environment in all its dimensions.
  • Islam then means optimizing the responsible, positive and productive use of the environment, in all its dimensions, as well as the utilization of one’s abilities, skills, expertise and resources, to benefit oneself and, at the same time, to benefit and serve everyone else in the rest of the world without regard to race, religion or geography.
  • Over and above all that, Islam means loving and fearing God with the bottom of one’s heart every moment of one’s life in the midst of everything one does – 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

In the midst of all the din and confusion that surround the topic of Islam these days, that is what Islam really is.

Now you should know why Islam spreads like wild fire every time it gets an opportunity.

Now you must also be able to understand why there is so much hate and hostility against Islam in today’s world.” (Dr. Pasha)