When people see Zulm and say nothing. When so-called Pragmatic Considerations dull human conscience and silence human tongues, they are removing all stops from the path of Allah's Adhaab from swooping down on them and on Allah's world. Speaking up against what you...

"This Baqr Eid, Qurban Bayram, Eidul Adha, call it what you will, I have a wish.

And I have a prayer.

I will not say it is from my heart.

For, my heart is broken to a million bits at what is happening in the world -- senseless violence; marauding injustice; rampaging lies.

So, I don't really have a heart to speak of.

Instead, there is a huge hole where my heart used to be.

And a lump of unspeakable anguish watching man's treachery to God.

And watching and living man's inhumanity to fellow-man.

But a wish -- and a prayer -- I do have.

And it is a very simple one.

It is that, beginning with this Eidul Adha, 1432, the Muslim World will be free of violence -- and lies.

That, Muslims will commit no violence and perpetrate no baseless lies against others.

And that, others will commit no violence and perpetrate no lies against Muslims.

And that no country in the world will use false and baseless propaganda to attack and invade another country and plunder its wealth and kill its people.

That is my simple wish for this whole new year starting with this new Baqr Eid 1432.

Eidul Adha 2011.

That is my prayer.

That is my wish." (Dr. Pasha)

"We never fail to feed our body when the body is hungry.

We have even devised a routine of feeding it three times a day whether our body is hungry or not.

But when our soul is hungry, we neither hear its cries, nor do we rush to feed it.

And then we wonder what is wrong with us. Some of the best and brightest among us then run around asking: What went wrong?

What has gone wrong with our world, they ask.

We want to know: Why is there so much corruption in the world?

And we want to know: Why is there so much injustice and so much cruelty, greed and selfishness among us?

A more worthwhile question may be: When did we last feed our soul and how?" (Dr. Pasha)

These days, they are all experts: on Islam and Muslims I mean. And in as many cases as not, instant experts, I must point out.

Drive-by Experts is what I call this crop of instant cognoscenti that flood the market – and the airwaves – and the media in general – in these troubled times. Those in policy portals are somewhat different. Often, many of them know their stuff even though they may choose to twist truth to fit policy parameters and political agendas.

And the factors that breed this mushroom cloud of Drive-by Experts on Islam and Muslims are many. Not the least among them is the money that can be made by a claim to expertise on Islam, no matter how tenuous or precarious. And the perks and privileges that go with it.

There is name, fame and fortune to be made by saying you are an Islamic Expert and then letting loose on Islam and Muslims, left, right and center. Poor Muslims – barring the blackguards and charlatans among them – wouldn’t know what hit them or how to respond to this onslaught in a truly meaningful, effective, civilized, rational and peaceful way. And if they did make some noises of the legitimate and appropriate variety, no one will pay any attention to them anyway.

But it is good that fewer and fewer buses seem to suffer the wrath of angry and frustrated Muslim mobs in parts of Islamistan. The fury seems to be headed for the jugular now as evidently angry and frustrated agents of powerful money and politics – both domestic and foreign – have developed more of a penchant for blown up bodies than for burned buses. [...]



What exactly is the issue? The teacher in England should not have her mouth and face hidden behind a veil when teaching English language to students? Is that the issue?

If it is, then to me it is a nonstarter. For, how else do students learn to associate sound, intonation, voice fluctuation and proper pronunciation with lip movement, mouth position and facial expression?

What about the radio then? Well, then, what is the point of having a classroom with a real teacher in it? Why not we all go back home and turn on our radio sets?

Does the teacher have a choice? Of course she does. She can either remove her veil while teaching or resign.

She can always go to a school that would allow her to teach with the veil on. But such a school will be doing its pupils a signal disservice. And I, though a fairly proud Muslim, would hesitate to send my son or daughter to a school where teachers cover their faces in veils when teaching. [...]