We have much to be grateful to the West for. 

Even though, at the same time, we as Muslims also have a lot of very serious issues with the West.

That is how it is in a family. And we are one family: Muslims and the West.

One Human Family. Children of Adam all.

Along with all the Hindus, the Buddhists, the Atheists -- and all the others.

And it is not uncommon among family members to fight with each other -- and sometimes like cats and dogs. 

So, it is not at all surprising that we all have our fights. Muslims and the West and all the rest of us human beings.

But at the core of it all is the fact that we are members of one common human family.

So, I am saying, we much appreciate what the West has done -- in more recent times. And that means going back in time, not just a few decades, but maybe even a few centuries.

The West has increased our sensitivity to such vital human issues as Privacy.

But, to tell the truth, this is nothing but Johnny Come Lately! For, Privacy has been a Muslim issue since the advent of Islam on this earth: over 1400 years ago.

Beautiful Hadith, as all Hadith are: 

You protect the Privacy of others, 
God Almighty will protect your Privacy.

And much more than even that: One of the key attributes of God Almighty is Sattaar:

The One Who Loves to Protect and Cover Up
the Faults, the Imperfections, the blemishes, 
the failures and the Slip-Ups of His Creation!

So, like all other good things in life, and in this world, we, meaning Islam and our God, your God too, for there is only one God anyway, invented this one too: 

The concept that we so proudly call Privacy today!

And how can I ever forget that most beautiful Hadith Sharif in which the question arises about people throwing off their clothes in the privacy, let us say, of their own homes, and going, you know blank naked?

The words of the Hadith are as fresh, as immortal and as profound as any that ever issued from the mouth of a human:

Innallaha Ahaqqu An Yustah-Ya Minhu!

Paraphrasing something that cannot ever be paraphrased or translated on this earth:

"God Almighty deserves the most that we be bashful 
and observe Privacy in his presence!"


“To the children of the good people who have decided to work for Allah, here is something I want to say to them: Work hard to move your own lives and this work forward.

Do not use this work as a means of personal advancement in life in any form or fashion.

Do not use any part or aspect of this work as a business or an element in a career path.

And also, try to adhere to the teachings of Allah's Deen to the extent you can and to the best of your ability.

And try not to play games with Allah's Deen at any time and in any form or fashion. For, you have no chance of winning.

Your parents are good people. They gave you the best they could.

And they worked very hard to put you on Allah's path.

But Allah has put your life and your destiny in your own hands. And not in your parents' hands.

That means you will have to make your own choices. And you will have to make your own decisions.

And I hope and pray you make the right ones.

Allah bless you.” (Dr. Pasha)

“Islam may be a lot of things. But a champion, advocate, instigator or friend of senseless Violence it is not.

Nor does Islam use lies, fraud and tricks of any kind as part of its repertoire in dealing with others — or with anything.

And those who say Islam is or does any of these things are most likely inveterate liars, or total ignoramuses, or, quite likely, both.” (Dr. Pasha)

“The place where you have your home, business and workplace; and the people in whose midst you live, work and play; and your family and the families of your colleagues and friends and the friends of your children live, work and play.

When it comes to defending and protecting them against enemies and perils of all kinds, both foreign and domestic, will you put your name down to be among the first in the list of volunteers to do so, or will you go hide in a hole and expect others to do it for you, while you cop a mock medical or other alibi of some kind?

And does it make a difference where you live, whether it is India, Arabia, America, Europe, Russia, Indonesia or Malaysia? And does it make the slightest difference what their race or religion is?

I know where a True Muslim’s name would be. I know where my name would be, even though I am centuries and eons and galaxies away from being a true Muslim.

And I know where my late father’s name would be, Allah bless him, who was as true a Muslim as any I may have ever seen. And I know where the names of my boys would be.

They would all be right up there at the top of that list. And they have always been.

All of us – me, my father and my boys – would be the first to defend our home, our neighbours and our friends and family, whether that is in America, India or somewhere else. For, that to us is what life is all about. And that to us is what Islam is all about.” (Dr. Pasha)

“Islam is about telling people, not what you think they might like or want to hear, but what, to the best of your knowledge, you believe to be the facts and the truth.

Truth is an Amaanat – a matter of faith or “sacred trust” as some people would call it – that you are holding in your hands. It is other people’s and God’s property that is temporarily entrusted to your care.

You are obligated under God’s Law to deliver that Amaanat or Trust to those whose property it is and who entrusted it to your care for safekeeping, and who now expect to have it back from you.” (Dr. Pasha)