"As a Muslim, your house should be the safest place on earth for the little babies of your worst enemies, even of those who may have raped your women and butchered your babies.

That is what Islam teaches and that is what Muslims demonstrated throughout their history.

No, such a system could not have been devised by mere mortals. Only God, the creator of all, the most compassionate and loving, the most compassionate and loving, as he refers to himself repeatedly, could have designed a system like this – for all human beings.

And he did.

That is why Islam spread like wild fire, when it first appeared in Arabia 1400 years ago.

And that is why it will do so again." (Dr. Pasha)

"New communication technologies have given us the ability to see and hear each other across time and space. But Islam placed that technology in our hands from before time and space were created: the Qur’an.

So, while it is important for us to learn and use all the best technologies available in any place or time, we must at the same time train ourselves to use the Qur’an the way it was intended to: to communicate beyond time and space and through the worst of conditions and toughest of barriers.

Therefore, I want us to train to see ourselves, and each other, and the world, through the looking glass of the Qur'an. We then see through the unfailing mirror of the hearts that have been polished by the Qur'an and that have been illumined by the radiance of the Qur’an. There is no better medium than that for those connected to the Qur’an." (Dr. Pasha)

You may be an atheist or an agnostic. Or you may belong to any one of the religious denominations that proliferate in the world today. You may be a Communist or a Fascist or a believer in free enterprise, freedom and human rights. You may be a fundamentalist, fanatic or just about anything else. But no matter who or what you are, and no matter what your religious and political beliefs or personal and social habits and proclivities happen to be, YOU MUST STILL KNOW THIS MAN!





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  36. How Can You Love God and Fear Truth?

The fact that 1400 years ago this book should declare men and women equal in rights and rewards is a miracle. The fact that this book should have a chapter called "The Women" and another chapter called "The People" and yet another chapter called "The Pen" is a miracle.

The fact that this book is still in exactly the same shape and form in which it was originally delivered 1400 years ago is a miracle. The fact that this book has a chapter called "Maryam" - Mary, the blessed mother of Jesus, God bless him - is a miracle. The fact that this book most eloquently and powerfully defends the virgin birth of Jesus, God bless him, is a miracle.