That most unique, powerful and all-encompassing expression Alhamdulillah means something like this:

“All and every praise, all commendation and glory, belongs to God and to no one else.

And I duly, and most gratefully, acknowledge all his boons, bounties, favors and blessings that he has chosen to bestow upon me.

And I have no reason or cause whatsoever to be angry or unhappy or displeased with him.

That means, so far as I am concerned, such as I am, and in whatever state or condition or place or situation I am, it is all just the way it should be.

It is all just right — just the way he is pleased to make it.

What is more, and I shall want it no other way.

If that is his way with me, then that is how it is, shall be and I want it to be.” […]