• Truth leads to God.
  • Fraud in this world - how much can we trust the banks?
  • Governments have adopted lying as a way of life.
  • How do we know who to trust?
  • Using the Quran to get to today's truth.
  • Before the advent of Islam, Makkah was close to being a perfect democracy.
  • Qualifications on being an authority on Islam.
  • The handicap of Islam and Muslims.
  • Categories of people who hate Islam?
  • Muslim resources become candy for kids.
  • Red-herrings and smoke screens towards what Islam is really all about.
  • Islam goes on the way-side like an orphan, no body to speak for it.

“First the Bible says in the Sixth Commandment: “Thou Shalt Not Kill!”

Then the Bible says in the Ninth Commandment: “Thou Shalt Not Lie!”

Don’t you see how Lying and Killing go hand in hand? In fact, the two seem to be joined together at the hip.

For, Lying is often what goes before, during and after Killing. Whether it is in the case of individuals committing murder; or groups committing genocide; or nations waging wars of aggression on nations.

It is almost as if you cannot have one without the other.” (Dr. Pasha)