No ifs and no buts, the brutal dictator of Syria, Bashar Al-Assad, must go. And do so now, without the delay or prevarication of even one more minute.

And so must every other dictator in every other part of the Muslim World. I wish I had the courage to name them all.

But my message to all dictators and autocratic and absolute rulers in all parts of the Muslim World, echoing what Moses, God bless him, said to Pharaoh so long ago, is: “Let My People Go!” [...]

World War II: No Independence for Muslims

Much of the world was enslaved and occupied by foreign slave masters until before World War II. End of World War II brought independence to many lands and peoples of the world, including India, but not the Muslims. Muslims had to wait for decades to breathe the air of freedom in their own lands.

Many of the Muslims are fighting for their most basic human and political rights even today. The Islamic uprisings sweeping parts of the Muslim world are an attempt by Muslims to win their independence – over 65 years to the end of World War II, when everyone else got their independence.[...]

What is going on Egypt is heartbreaking. The dream of democracy in Egypt so near and yet so far!

And, as usual, the world is in crisis – one more time.

The world is in crisis due every bit to its own doings – a sum total of its omissions and commissions, all the things it did and failed to do. A fruit in the making if you will of what the world’s own hands have wrought, as they used to say.

Or Bimaa kasabat ayidinnas, as the Qur’an phrased it in its own immortal and timeless words.

Egypt today is a serious challenge to the entire world.

The question is will the world support Egyptian struggle for freedom or will it sit back and watch as Democracy in Egypt is crushed, elections are stolen and the Great Egyptian People are massacred with impunity? [...]

On Friday, April 20, Ikhwan, and other good people of Egypt, came out on Tahrir Square, Cairo, a million strong to jump start their teetering Democracy Revolution.

They were “demanding” the Egyptian Military Council SCAF keep its promise of handing over power to civilian representatives of the Egyptian People by the end of June, and return to barracks.

The Ikhwan – and the great Egyptian People – must beware of the enemy. [...]

Islamist” is just another racial, ideological and political slur that the enemies of God use to insult Islam and Muslims.

They must make sure their official websites respect the integrity of the term “Muslim” and abstain from referring to themselves and other Islam-loving Muslims as “Islamists.” [...]

Egypt’s military is at it again: finding new ways to crush the People of Egypt under its boots.

The military first stole power from the People of Egypt in 1952. It then set about methodically destroying Egypt, brick by brick, killing some of the best and brightest of its sons and torturing and disenfranchising others.

And by bringing a once-mighty-and-proud nation to the brink of social, military, political and economic ruin.

And then all of a sudden it was 2011. And Egyptians of all stripes came together to force Mubarak, an air force general, to relinquish power after a most brutal dictatorship of 30 long years.

This unexpected outcome was heralded as a revolution. And in many ways it was.

But the irony was that General Mubarak was replaced by General Tantawi – no, make it Field Marshal Tantawi – once again, as the absolute master of the destiny of the Egyptian people.

And who is this Tantawi who holds a military title, Field Marshal, that no other officer in the whole world does? He was Mubarak’s most loyal and devoted defense minister for 20 out of 30 years of Mubarak’s despotic, corrupt and brutal rule. [...]