“The Aayat in Surah Twa-Haa, “Alladhee A’twaa Kulla Shay-in Khalqwahu Thumma Hadaa” rings in my ears nonstop.

Meaning: God is the one who gave everything its existence, then showed it what to do and how to act.

And that other aayah: “Wa Lituswna’a Ala ‘Ayinee.”

Meaning: So you will be shaped, formed, crafted – manufactured as it were – right before my eyes.

Allahu Akbar!

What a perfect factory for the production of a perfect human being, like one of his senior Rasuls and prophets, Musa, Alaihis Salam, Allah chose – the household of one of his most inveterate enemies: Pharaoh!

If this is not I’jaz, if this is not a miracle, what is?

And if this is not the entire story of Islam – in every age and place – then what is it?

This is how God’s ever-watchful eye guides, protects, shepherds and steers those who love him and whom he loves, in the most difficult and dire situations and circumstances.

What a powerful message of hope it is for all those who choose to work for Allah in any age or place!

We can spend the rest of our lives just chanting those two aayats.” (Dr. Pasha)

“In every time and place, and all times and places are his, when God Almighty wants his work done, he raises up the people to do it.

And he provides those people the tools and resources to do his work with.

Blessed indeed are the people whom God’s eye picks to do his work.

And how sad is the fate of those who try to get in the way of God and his work.

This is the point the life of Moses, may God bless him, illustrates.

And this is the detail about life, and about God’s plan for his world, that Pharaoh could not grasp.” (Dr. Pasha)

“Here are four dots for you to connect:

  1. Abraham, God Bless Him, was an iconoclast and a monotheist. His whole life revolved around the notion: No God but God.
  2. Moses, God Bless Him, gave us the First Commandment: No God but God.
  3. Jesus, God Bless Him, called the First Commandment the most important commandment of all: No God but God.
  4. Muhammad, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam, gave us Kalimah Tayyibah, the Good Word: No God but God.

Question: Connect these four dots – these four points of Divine Light – and what do you get?

Answer: You get Islam, the message that God sent through prophets such as Abraham, Moses and Jesus (God Bless Them) to their respective people in their specific time periods and which God then perfected and sent through Prophet Muhammad, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam, to all people for all times.” (Dr. Pasha)


  • The Road Less Traveled- Dr. Pasha’s journey to truth
  • Qur’an as a Style Manual
  • God’s spirit in human beings
  • People’s attitude to truth
  • Gender-neutrality
  • The Devil’s influence on people
  • The Pharoahs’ attitude of superiority
  • The story of Moses
  • Muhammad (sallahu alaihi wassalam) called his friends “Companions”
  • The struggle of Husain


  • Moses – a pioneer of freedom
  • Muhammad, sallahu alaihi wasalaam, taught human dignity
  • Islam abolished Kingship
  • Democracy in action
  • The slaying of Husain
  • The American Revolution
  • Concept of  “The People”
  • World is catching up with Islam
  • The Way of the Devil


  • No coercion in belief
  • Abraham’s Sacrifice
  • Hajj – a celebration of freedom to worship
  • Moses leading his people to Freedom
  • Prophet Muhammad (sallalahu alaihi wasalaam) brought the message of Liberty
  • The propaganda against Jesus
  • Truth threatens those in Power
  • Husain’s death
  • The American fight for freedom

“It was during the first few days of the month of Muharram that Moses (Alaihis Salam) set his followers free from the tyranny of the Pharaohs. He parted the sea with his staff and led his people to freedom in the Sinai desert. Also it was during the first few days of the month of Muharram, in the desert of Karbala in Iraq, that Husain, the beloved grandson of Prophet Muhammad, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam, was martyred by people with Muslim names when he sought to free the Muslims – and the world – from the tyranny of dynastic rule and hereditary monarchy.” (Dr. Pasha)


  • Prophets of the Bible and the Qur’an
  • No God But God
  • World Day of God
  • Propaganda Against Islam
  • Muslims Bless Everyone,
  • Hajj
  • Moses and Jesus
  • Turning the other cheek
  • Reading the Qur’an

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Featured in this program:

  • The Joyous Occasion of Independence
  • Slavery, independence and colonization
  • Islam is Freedom
  • Alcoholism and Debauchery
  • Gandhi, Martin Luther King and Muhammad (sallalahu alaihi wassalaam)
  • The truth about the early Muslims
  • Lailatul Qadr