• What does the Qur’an say about Non-Muslims?
  • The deliberate lies of People who have vested interests.
  • The Concept of all human being are equal is the core fundamental in Islam.
  • Can people rule others by divine right?
  • The notion of Blueblood and Primogeniture in Islamic culture.
  • Hereditary Priests and Monarchy, the mess of the world, the relationship with Islam.
  • Why the problems in the Middle-East?
  • What good and bad are Muslims capable of ?
  • Perversity of stupidity in both Muslims and Non-Muslims.
  • The best way forward and the best among Muslims and non-Muslims.

“Between a mindless electorate, a mendacious political elite and a mercenary media, one wonders who is minding the store we call home, sweet home. And who is looking after the interests of the people – the American People, or just about any People Anywhere.” (Dr. Pasha)