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Got Anything Better than Salaam?

I don’t know why. But I keep thinking: Is there anything better in this world — than “Assalamu Alaikum!

People, if I were you, which I am not, I will not throw away this very special and precious gift from God — right from the pages of the Qur’an — for any reason: time shortage; technology constraints; whatever.

Allah seems to say in the Qur’an, if you don’t find anyone to say“Assalamu Alaikum!” to, then at least do that to yourself. 

Say: “Assalamu Alaikum!” to yourself.

Fa-Sallimoo A’laa Anfusikum!

I don’t know, nor can I think of, anything that will beat that!

If Allah had given Muslims nothing more, and if Muslims had nothing in their possession but Salaam, that would still be the most prized possession that anyone ever had in their hands on the face of this earth. (Dr. Pasha

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Islam Is Democracy, period!

I have been saying this for years. No, make it decades.

Islam Is Democracy!”

That means where there is no democracy, there can be no Islam. 


No matter how hard you try to fit the square peg of Islam in the round hole of any of the following — or any other similar — aberrant, extreme, irrational and deviant cultural, economic, religious and sociopolitical systems: 

Hereditary Monarchy.

Absolute Kingship.

Brute Autocracy.

Endemic Plutocracy.

Perpetual Aristocracy.

Rampant Mobocracy.

Widespread Feudalism.




Military Dictatorship.

Civilian Dictatorship.

“Religious” Dictatorship.




Pervasive Tyranny.

And all else of that kind.

Just ask yourself this: 

How can Islam possibly be part of any of these — or other similar — social and cultural perversities and oppressive, foolish, unjust, unfair, exploitative and anti-People and anti-God systems of thought, life, behavior, governance, claiming privilege and status, and exercise of power and authority? (Dr. Pasha)

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Believers Are Tested

When people say they are believers, they are tested.

By God!

This is God’s immutable law: God subjects believers to all kinds of tests in this world.

Sometimes, God tests believers by giving. And sometimes he tests them by not giving or by taking away from them what he may have already given them.

God says he does that to separate the wheat from the chaff.

And to differentiate between those who are Real and True Believers and those who are sham; those who are faking belief; and those who are making false and convenient claims.

And those who want to have it both ways.

Those who may want to play it “safe.”

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Safe House

“As a Muslim, your house should be the safest place on earth for the little babies of your worst enemies, even of those who may have raped your women and butchered your babies.

That is what Islam teaches and that is what Muslims demonstrated throughout their history.

No, such a system could not have been devised by mere mortals. Only God, the creator of all, the most compassionate and loving, the most compassionate and loving, as he refers to himself repeatedly, could have designed a system like this – for all human beings.

And he did.

That is why Islam spread like wild fire, when it first appeared in Arabia 1400 years ago.

And that is why it will do so again.” (Dr. Pasha)

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Those Who Submit to Truth vs. Those Who Submit Truth to Themselves

“Here is a small secret about the world.

When an element of truth comes before people — Kalimatu Haqq as the Hadith calls it — some people leap to embrace it.

They are the ones whose hearts and minds have been opened by Allah’s mercy and blessings.

Some others, however, look at truth and ask: How can they fit it into their own agendas and scheme of things.

Those are the ones who, rather than submit themselves to truth, try to submit truth to their own needs, agendas, plans, goals, ambitions, purposes and situations.

These two groups of people are fairly evident to those who have eyes to see.

Wallahu Baseerum Bil’Ibaad — Allah is fully aware of what people are up to!” (Dr. Pasha)

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Muslim or Non-Muslim, Ignorance about Islam Is Not Bliss

“One reason why the world understands so little about Islam is that Muslims don’t tell – and Non-Muslims don’t ask. So, between Muslim silence and non-Muslim indifference, Islam remains a stranger to much of the world, which will be fine if all of us, Muslim and non-Muslim alike, did not have to pay such a heavy price for our ignorance and or our indifference.” (Dr. Pasha)

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