If you want to be Muslim, any time is good time.

And without a doubt, Islam’s first three generations were the best of the best.

But looking around, it seems times were never better for anyone to be Muslim. 

Islam today is more fun than ever before. And Islam today is as challenging as it ever was.

And that is Islam!

Qulla Yawumin Huwa Fi Sha’an!

And Islam today is exactly what Islam was 14 centuries ago. Same focus; same teachings; same requirements; same commitment to God above and to God’s creation below.

Only the tools have changed. Today you ride a car instead of a camel. And you talk to people on the Internet more than you perhaps talk to them face to face.

But what is most miraculous about Islam is — if you ask me, everything about Islam is a miracle — the Qur’an.

What could be a greater miracle than the fact that what the world has in its hands today — I did not say “What Muslims have in their hands today” — is exactly the same Qur’an that came out of the blessed mouth of Prophet Muhammad, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam, and that he claimed was given to him by angel coming directly from God.

From God or not, you can fight all you want. Through an angel or not you can argue to your heart’s content. That is the kind of freedom that Islam gives you. That God himself gives you.

That Islam came into this world to bestow upon you.

Upon all the world, that is. Upon every single member of the human race, regardless of gender, class, status, “religion,” ethnicity or nationality.

But the fact that it is absolutely, positively the same Qur’an, you can neither doubt nor question in any serious way.

Now, if that is not a miracle, what is?


It never ceases to amaze me how simple and how clear the Qur’an is. And then I realize that this Qur’an was originally sent down to an Illiterate Man among an Illiterate People.

So the Qur’an had to make clear and intuitive sense to those unsophisticated and straight-thinking children of the desert.

And then it begins to hit me, on practically every count, how right and how correct and how accurate and true to reality the Qur’an is. So much so that even some of the most sophisticated minds of modern time will have difficulty finding fault with the Qur’an.

And then I realize that this Qur’an is from the master and maker of the worlds, who is not only all-powerful, but who is also all-knowing and most wise.

Just read the following Aayat Karimah from Surah Ar-Room – the chapter called The Romans – and notice how the Qur’an so simply, so directly and yet ever so elegantly and powerfully captures the perfect curvilinearity of the Human Lifecycle:

Allahul-Ladhee Khalaqa-kum min Da’fin,
Thumma Ja’ala min Ba’di Da’fin Quwwatan,
Thumma Ja’ala min Ba’di Quwwatin Da’fan,
wa Shaiyibah!

Paraphrase using someone else’s translation:

Allah is the one who created you from weakness,
then made after weakness strength,
then made after strength weakness—
and grey hair.

He creates what he wants,
and he is all-knowing, all-powerful.

When did we ever see anything so clear, so sharp, so powerful and yet so simple and so true?

Something that is so eminently borne out by ageless common observation and yet, at the same time, something that is confirmed by valid contemporary science using its most sophisticated tools of inquiry?