Much water has flown down many a river in the so-called Middle East since a cowardly and spineless Ben Ali of Tunis stole the wealth of the Tunisian People and ran away to hide in a rent-free mansion in Jiddah nearly a year ago.

The expectation was he would do the needful: run tanks over the protestors and turn Tunis into a vast Golgotha, full of Muslim gore and crushed bones. Like the Algerian military and its foreign Colonial Masters had done in the 1990s with the innocent Algerian Muslim masses. [...]


  • Why are Muslims killing each other?
  • The legacy of colonisation all over the world.
  • When the world burns, what are the Muslims doing? And where is the Muslim voice? Where are the Muslim prayers?
  • Escapism by running off to holy places to find God – the case of Muslims.
  • Can turning to God and praying help? Asking God directly for help rather than go to all kinds of Intermediaries.
  • Just when we thought there were no tyrants left in the world. Concentration Camps in today's world?
  • These people are fighting for their rights and freedoms.
  • If people do not have fundamental rights and freedoms then they have nothing.
  • How people lie to distort reality – an example of the devil and two sons of Adam.
  • Ingredients of making of a tyrant haven’t changed.
  • Two types of people – ignorant ones and charlatans.
  • Tyrants use people as fodder for their own greed and lust for power.
  • Examples of recent and current dictators.
  • Great tragedy of our times: Sources of information are tainted.
  • Examples of democracy in the world and how nations are progressing.
  • Other places have democracy. Why don’t Muslim countries have the same democracy?
  • The land of the Pharaohs: Egypt - so many dictatorships continuously for over a century or more. The story of Mubarak’s own people calling for his trial and blood for all the murders he ordered of innocent protestors.

"Want to know what Islam is really all about? Here is a glimpse:

In the beginning, as the Good Book says, there was God. And God created man.

And God, says the Qur’an, breathed in Man his spirit. And then, the Qur’an says, God armed Adam, the Man, with the knowledge of the names and properties of all things.

And, then, from that One Soul, which he first created, God created its mate. And from the two of them he caused a multitude of men and women to spring forth and populate the earth.

Therefore, those who cannot sense the greatness of the human spirit on earth cannot see the greatness of the divine spirit in heaven. Those who cannot see the divine spark in the hearts and lives of their fellow-humans right here on earth below, they cannot sense the great divine effulgence up above, no matter what their professions of faith and no matter what their pursuits of life.

For example, those who cannot sense the greatness of any or all of the following individuals, whose names I list below, to mention only a few from humanity’s rich and glorious heritage of greatness and goodness, cannot sense the greatness and goodness of any or all of the Prophets or their God:

  • Thomas Paine, a Deist and a Skeptic, and a White Scotsman or Englishman most likely, and arguably a Father of Two Revolutions, back to back, one in America and one in France, and the author of The Rights of Man and an inveterate and inspired foe of the evil institution of Hereditary Monarchy everywhere.
  • Thomas Jefferson, another Deist and Skeptic, and a White American Revolutionary and the author of the American Declaration of Independence.
  • Abraham Lincoln, a man who gave the American Nation its unity, and gave Black Slaves of America their freedom, and who, though a White Christian American, established on firm footing on earth in modern times the fundamental Islamic Institution of the Government of the People by the People.
  • Mahatma Gandhi, a devout Hindu, and a nationalist and freedom fighter, and a Brown Indian and a Conqueror of the British Empire.
  • Albert Schweitzer, a medical doctor, musician and a White Swiss Christian missionary in Africa who devoted his life and career to serving those afflicted with leprosy.
  • Martin Luther King, a Black Christian Minister, and a Liberator of the Oppressed and Dispossessed in America, brutally butchered by White Supremacists in Memphis, Tennessee, USA.
  • Nelson Mandela, a Black leader of all lovers of freedom and peace on earth and among people, from South Africa.

As I said, these are just few names from a long and most impressive list of Human Greats on earth at different times in history and in their own different ways.

If you cannot see the spark of greatness, and light of goodness, in any or all of them, irrespective of your own faith or race or nationality or politics, then you cannot hope to sense God’s greatness or his light in Heaven." (Dr. Pasha)


  • We are not prisoners of a narrow view of what people call religion, but we look at Islam the way the Qur'an presents it to us and how God Almighty suggests what Islam really is, and how Prophet Muhammad, sallahu alahi wa sallam, showed us what it is.
  • Islam and the laws of nature, and universe.
  • Human beings subject to the laws of God.
  • Different levels, forms and phases of Islam.
  • Freedom of choice to believe or reject belief in God Almighty.
  • Oxymoron in trying to prove the existence of God.
  • Why you can't prove the existence of God - because God is whose existence you can't prove.
  • The essence of a democratic way of life.
  • No Islam without democracy, democracy is God's way.
  • There is compulsion on one-side and this is freedom and choice on the other side and that is Islam.
  • The devil's successful lie, that Muslims don't believe in choice.
  • God has made it a level playing field.
  • The Lie from the devil putting the blame on the women.
  • Divine instruments installed in us to protect ourselves from untruth and the devil.
  • The devil's first lie.
  • Recovering from colonial domination; Africa, Americas, India, Arab World, Iran...
  • Generation after generation, brutality of dictatorship.
  • Suddenly the Egyptian nation woke up.

Abe and Abdul are two nice blokes in quest of enlightenment. They have an uncanny inability to keep their mouth shut when doing so may well be what the doctor would have ordered. How bright they are individually, or what the sum total of their combined brightness is, could be anybody’s guess. There are times when either one of them could substitute for anyone of us, which is both exhilarating and scary at the same time.


  • Nothing from God is false or fake
  • Martin Luther King and Gandhi - spokesmen for truth
  • Who is God?
  • Real-time Miracles
  • The story of Mary
  • God and the Devil

“In the midst of all the din and confusion that surround the subject of Islam today, here is what Islam really stands for:

  • Islam means studying one’s environment in all its dimensions – physical, social, political, economic, cultural and all else – carefully, diligently, responsibly and scientifically.
  • Islam then means acquiring as thorough, clear and complete an understanding as possible of one’s environment in all its dimensions.
  • Islam thereafter means acquiring all the skills, techniques, technologies and resources – physical, social, cultural, political, intellectual, financial, economic, legal, electronic, other – needed to master one’s environment in all its dimensions.
  • Islam then means optimizing the responsible, positive and productive use of the environment, in all its dimensions, as well as the utilization of one’s abilities, skills, expertise and resources, to benefit oneself and, at the same time, to benefit and serve everyone else in the rest of the world without regard to race, religion or geography.
  • Over and above all that, Islam means loving and fearing God with the bottom of one’s heart every moment of one’s life in the midst of everything one does – 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

In the midst of all the din and confusion that surround the topic of Islam these days, that is what Islam really is.

Now you should know why Islam spreads like wild fire every time it gets an opportunity.

Now you must also be able to understand why there is so much hate and hostility against Islam in today’s world.” (Dr. Pasha)

“Here is a peek at that most astonishing of all partnerships – the one between God and Man, as they used to say – that provides as spectacular a definition of Islam as anyone would wish to have:

  • Allah has created all kinds of food for humans to eat – but the actual eating part, humans will have to do that themselves.
  • Allah has created water and all kinds of beverages for humans to drink – but the actual drinking part, humans will have to do that themselves.
  • Allah has made the air for humans to breathe and equipped them with lungs to make that possible – but the actual breathing part, humans will have to do that themselves.
  • Allah has made the earth for humans to walk on and given them legs to do so – but the actual walking part, humans will have to do that themselves.
  • Allah has made night and day for humans to rest and work – but the actual resting and working parts, humans will have to do those themselves.
  • Allah has given humans bodies and fitted those bodies with brains and hands and feet and eyes and ears and tongue and mouth and lips – but the actual thinking and acting parts, humans will have to do those themselves.

What an absolutely marvelous and meticulously calibrated partnership this is – between Man, as they used to say, and God.” (Dr. Pasha)


  • Propaganda Against Muslims
  • People of  The Devil
  • Islam is about Thinking Rationally
  • The Shariah
  • Different Prophets, Same Message
  • Living Miracles of Islam
  • The Adhan
  • Falsehood and the Devil


  • Eid-ul-Adha Greetings
  • The Concept of Sacrifice
  • World Day of God
  • God is One
  • Propaganda Against Muslims
  • The Character of the Prophet (sallahu alaihi wassalam)
  • It's All About the Truth