People say all kinds of things about Islam — and Muslims. 

By “people” here I mean all of the following groups and individuals:

those who don’t know much about Islam; 
those who harbor all kinds of prejudices against Islam;
those who don’t like Islam for whatever reason; 
And those who fear and hate Islam — again, for their own reasons.

As well as all those who have a bone to pick with Muslims.

And those who covet Muslim lands and resources.

And those who grudge Muslim power and influence in the world.

And those who want to turn Muslim societies into slave plantations — more than they already are.

And those who fear that if real and true Muslims rise in the world, that would mean the end of their corrupt ways in the world.

And the end of their reign and regime of oppression and domination in the world.

And all those who see Muslim societies — and populations — as nothing but mere consumers, and as “markets” for their goods and as sources of unlimited wealth and profit for themselves. 

And for their own “kind” of people. That is:

For their own countries.
For their own race.
For their own religion.
For their own political ideology and grouping and block.
For their own region of the world.
And for their own whatever.

Keeping all this in mind, here is my very simple definition of Islam for today. 

And that special definition is:

“Islam is exercising utmost care and caution in everything.”

And who is a Muslim then?

A Muslim is one who does exactly that. Meaning: 

“A Muslim is one who exercises utmost care and caution in everything he or she does or says.”

Just see below how clear and emphatic — and how definitive and unassailable — the Qur’an is on this subject!

Hear the Qur’an say it in its own words:

Innassam’a Wal-Basara Wal-Fu-aada Kullu Ulaa-ika Kaana ‘Anhu Mas-oola!


“On the Day of Judgment, in the presence of God Almighty, every man and woman will be closely scrutinized and questioned concerning all that their ears, their eyes and their hearts were busy thinking, saying and doing in this world.”