Open Your Mouth and Utter a Word of Support

For, I can almost hear the angels of God say: “You mean, you could not even open your mouth and utter a word of support or sympathy for the victims?”

“And you could not find any way to denounce the atrocities that were going on in Egypt right before your eyes on television?”

“And you could not even shed a silent tear or two in the safety and solitude of your own homes?”

“Just how did you manage that?”

“What kind of human beings does that make you, anyway? And you think your reward for that kind of loser life in This World should be Allah’s Jannat today in the Next World?”

Islamic Egypt? You Better Believe It!

I am calling today’s post-Revolution (January 25, 2011) Egypt “Islamic” only after careful thought. It is not just my hope or prayer but the statement of a simple fact on the ground.

Make no mistake: It is always my fervent hope and my most ardent prayer that God’s world will move ever closer – by the day and by the hour and by the minute – to Allah’s chosen way of Islam.

But the reason why I am calling the present-moment Egypt Islamic is not a wish or a hope or prayer, but a hard and undeniable reality. […]

Dr. Morsi committed the first unmitigated disaster of his presidency of Egypt when he blurted out during his pre-swearing-in speech at Tahrir Square that he would work to free Shaikh Abdur Rahman (The Blind Shaikh) from American jails.

Clearly, this is a statement Dr. Morsi should not have made: not that day; not from the platform on Tahrir where he found himself on that day; and most certainly, not the way he did it – in public: for the whole world to see and hear. […]

No Way Morsi Can Be Allowed to Win, Says Muslim Prince

The world does not yet fully understand – especially the friends. The enemies have a much clearer understanding of what is happening in Egypt right now.

That is why a Muslim Prince – yes, Muslims have a whole houseful of kings and princes – with trillions of dollars at his disposal is supposed to have declared recently that under no circumstance can we allow a Morsi and Ikhwan victory to become a reality in Egyptian presidential elections.

This was before the runoff vote on June 16, 17, 2012. And it is said about this prince that what this prince wants, this prince gets. […]

Dr. Morsi’s language has gone full circle: From what the world media would call “Strictly Islamist” to what any full-blooded patriot, worth his salt, would refer to as “Fundamentally Nationalist” and “Essentially Patriotic.”

What many don’t understand, and some don’t want to, is that this is a most natural and logical transition: […]

Miracles We Missed

Musa (Alaihis Salam) parted the sea: you and I missed it, because we were not there.

Jesus (Alaihis Salam) raised the dead: you and I missed it, because we were not there.

Muhammad (Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam) split the moon: you and I missed it, because we were not there.

We missed all those great miracles, and fun events in history, because Allah decided not to involve us in them. […]

Did you vote yet, or no?

If you have not cast your vote yet, in the presidential elections in Egypt, get out and do it now.

Otherwise, don’t complain after 100 or 1000 years that God did not give you an opportunity to change the world – to bring Islam into the world, one more time.

And to stand up for truth, justice, equality – and Freedom and Democracy.

And if you are not an Egyptian, and if you are not actually in Egypt right now, then there is another way for you to vote: Go directly to Allah and register your vote. […]

Where Are the Shaikhs?

Where, O where are the Shaikhs?

Islam is fighting for its life in Egypt. It is fighting a desperate battle for survival. Even though Islam is never desperate and its life and survival are guaranteed by Allah forever.

In fact, the fight in Egypt right now is for some of the most basic Human Rights for the Egyptian People that the rest of the world takes for granted – such as the right to Life and Liberty and the pursuit of the dream of dignity and national independence and sovereignty in their own land. […]

Tortured, Jailed, Killed for What

I don’t get it! Or don’t I?

The Ikhwan in Egypt were tortured and killed for over 80 years. Hundreds of thousands of them filled the jails for year after year. They never abused or maligned anyone. They never lifted a finger against anyone. They turned every cheek they had and some they did not even have. They swallowed every insult and abuse with the greatest dignity.

They did not even resist the vicious and most brutal and barbaric oppression that successive military governments under Jamal Abdul Nasser, Anwar Sadat and Hosni Mubarak let loose against them with connivance and complicity from their domestic cronies and foreign masters and mentors.

Now, finally, the Ikhwan are free. They swept the polls for parliament: both the Upper and the Lower houses. They came out ahead in the first round of elections for President. Their candidate Dr. Morsi seems to have handily won the vote by overseas Egyptians in the Presidential Runoff. And he appears to be leading on the domestic front as well. […]