“Islam may be a lot of things. But a champion, advocate, instigator or friend of senseless Violence it is not.

Nor does Islam use lies, fraud and tricks of any kind as part of its repertoire in dealing with others — or with anything.

And those who say Islam is or does any of these things are most likely inveterate liars, or total ignoramuses, or, quite likely, both.” (Dr. Pasha)

A very different radio program is attracting the attention of Muslims and non-Muslims alike around the world. It is fresh; it is exciting; and it is all that you wished you had in a radio program but never quite got it before.

Featured in this program:

  • Giving salaams
  • The concept of blessing
  • Purity of heart
  • Reaching Allah
  • God's love and mercy in the Qur'an
  • Are all Muslims as well as Christians and believers of God brainwashed?
  • World Day of Fasting 2010

I trust you are doing well. And having fun.

"Islam and fun?" you may raise your eyebrows.

"What an oxymoron!" Some may exclaim in disbelief, even disdain.

Others may simply say Astaghfirullah and move on.

But some others may think - and that is what really matters: "Subhaanallah! What a Deen! What a beautiful miracle this Deen of Allah is that it attends to every human need. That it even lets people have fun!"

Provided, of course, I must hasten to add, both to set the record straight as well as to set at rest my readers' apprehensions and skepticism, it is done within the boundaries of Allah.

Just like everything else.

The fact is that there is no life without fun. It is all a question of what kind of fun you have and how. Fun, Islam teaches us, must be pursued within the boundaries prescribed by Allah.

Just like everything else.

The basic principle is this: You do things within the prescriptions and boundaries of Allah, they are right and good. They are a boon for you.

You do them outside Allah's boundaries and contrary to Allah's commands and prescriptions, they are wrong; they are bad; and they become the bane of your life.[...]