People again wrote to me asking me to join the fight. And Here is what I wrote back to them:

You guys just do not get it.

I do not want to "fight back" just for the sake of fighting back. And who am I fighting, and for what reason, anyway?

There was an election. Maybe you did not get that memo.

And Trump won fair and square. Maybe you did not get that memo either.

Man up and say it: "There was an election and Donald Trump won."

That verbalization of a simple truth will help you and help America move forward -- and possibly heal, no matter by how little.

So what if the Popular Vote went the other way by a certain margin? Not the first time.

But, we have a system in place and that system says loud and clear and in plain English: 

Donald J. Trump Won on November 8. 2016!

And he will be President 45 of the United States of America!

I want you guys to tell me who you really are and what you really stand for. Then I will decide how to react to your blank invitation to join the fight.

As for myself, I have decided how I can best be of help and service to America and the American People.

I plan to redouble my efforts to get everybody re-initiated and re-pointed in the direction of the old notions of Honesty and Integrity and Truth!


On Tuesday, November 8, 2016, Donald Trump won the presidency. And he did so after a bitter, bloody and turbulent electoral Armageddon. 

The favorite daughter in this election cycle, Hillary Clinton, lost in all kinds of most unexpected ways, devastating her supporters and sending shock-waves among her High-Power and Big-Money backers -- from Wall Street to Wherever...

Ten Trillion dollars were thrown away in our mad killing sprees of mostly innocent Muslim men, women and children across the world over the past 25 years. Even though the official dollar figure often acknowledged is $6 Trillion.
Pretexts and arguments, justifications and rationalizations used for these so-called wars were different, as they have to be, just like Paul Wolfowitz noted on television. But the object and outcome was the same: mostly innocent Muslim blood flowing like flood water in Muslim lands everywhere.
And Muslim masses, in their hundreds of millions, driven from their homes and ancestral lands and turned overnight into homeless, landless, hopeless refugees.
Wolfowitz said it best on TV. He said they used the Nuclear Argument to start a so-called war because they thought that would sell the best with the American People...