"All too often, nothing stands in the way of our being able to make great things happen in the world except us.

All too often, it is our laziness, our lack of clarity and focus, our lack of understanding, our fears and prejudices, our hesitancy and timidity, our lack of courage and confidence in ourselves, our lack of determination and purpose, our lack of discipline, and, “ultimately” as they say, our lack of trust in Allah that holds us back.

Nothing else can or does."  (Dr. Pasha)


  • Truth leads to God.
  • Fraud in this world - how much can we trust the banks?
  • Governments have adopted lying as a way of life.
  • How do we know who to trust?
  • Using the Quran to get to today's truth.
  • Before the advent of Islam, Makkah was close to being a perfect democracy.
  • Qualifications on being an authority on Islam.
  • The handicap of Islam and Muslims.
  • Categories of people who hate Islam?
  • Muslim resources become candy for kids.
  • Red-herrings and smoke screens towards what Islam is really all about.
  • Islam goes on the way-side like an orphan, no body to speak for it.

What seems to matter most to some of our super-pious Muslims is not what life is like in this world – the way it is for us and for all other creation of God, right here and now – but what they think life will be like in the next world, after we are resurrected from the dead.

They seem to forget what Islam says in this regard: that this world is the pathway to the next world, which essentially means, as you sow in this life so shall you reap in the next life. 


“Islam is about telling people, not what you think they might like or want to hear, but what, to the best of your knowledge, you believe to be the facts and the truth.

Truth is an Amaanat – a matter of faith or “sacred trust” as some people would call it – that you are holding in your hands. It is other people’s and God’s property that is temporarily entrusted to your care.

You are obligated under God’s Law to deliver that Amaanat or Trust to those whose property it is and who entrusted it to your care for safekeeping, and who now expect to have it back from you.” (Dr. Pasha)