I write, not to show off. Or to kill time.

I write to produce literature to train people into Islamic Theory -- our people, more than anyone else. 

That is, those people who join us in the work we do and whom we call those Working for Allah.

We express this work in different ways, using different words. For sometime now we have been calling it Taking the Qur'an to every home and heart that needs it -- and which one does not?

But what is it in reality?

It is, first of all, accepting and embracing Islam fully and wholeheartedly, regardless of whether we come from a Muslim or non-Muslim background.

Next, it is learning all we can about Islamic practices -- and adhering to them to the best of our ability.

Alongside this, more importantly it might be said, our work also is to learn and to understand Islamic Theory

And that means what Islam really is and what our work is all about; and how to do that work in the context of the Western World in which we live and of which we are a part.

Thus, my writings are directed at our Fellow-Workers for Allah -- and of course at the whole world -- explaining what our work as Muslims really is in this world; how to do that work; and why we should do all that work in the first place.

And the sum and substance of that explanation is that our work is not about running around doing this chore or that, whenever the fancy takes us, or someone tells us to do it, but it is about inviting the entire world to Allah.

And doing so in a systematic and persistent manner.

Our work, thus, is learning Islam and teaching it to the whole world. 

Even if we are the only person doing it.

It is for that reason that Allah created us. 

And it is the dotted line on which we signed when we came forward to embrace Islam -- and claim we are Muslims.

And it is the covenant we recommit ourselves to every time we put our head down on the ground to do Sajdah.

It is as simple as that!


All those among us who think or say they are Working for Allah, the greatest personal favor anyone of them can do to each other is to read our literature -- carefully, systematically and painstakingly.

Almost word by word.

And over and over and over.

Books like Four Words that Changed the World -- All It Takes Is You.

And books like Still Working for Allah in the West -- Theory and Methodology.

And all the other books and articles that are on www.IslamicSolutions.Com.

It is also the greatest favor they can do to themselves. For, that is the core and essence of our work -- first and foremost. 

And everything else is predicated upon it.

If they all read and understand the literature, they will know what the real work is that we all are supposed to do. 

And how to go about doing that work.

And why they should be doing it in the first place.

If, on the other hand, they cheat on reading the literature, or cut corners, or make excuses, or pretend they did not hear the call, or honestly think they did not need to do it, they will at best be mere flashes in the pan -- here today, gone tomorrow.

From time to time, they will be doing bits and pieces of this and that as they feel the need or the pressure and as they are told to do.

At best, their work will be episodic, disjointed, directionless, ad hoc, purposeless and in a sense helter-skelter.

As the Qur'an puts it, they will essentially be:

Fi Kulli Waadin Yaheemoon.


"They will be wandering here, there, everywhere,
without really knowing where they are going,
or what they are doing -- or why."

Others, the more sturdy ones, will move to greener pastures -- to anything from Islamic Cookouts and Halal Travel to any other Islamic outfits and celebrity joints that may be peddling a brand of Islam with more jazz, oomph and pizzazz.

All will end up in Paradise. After they all die. No doubt about that.

And that is the beauty of it all. Islam, at any level, is basically anybody's ticket to Paradise.

But right here on this earth, which is the real question, Allah will find his own people who will do his work. 

People who will not cheat; who will not cut corners; who will keep their word; and who will fulfill the promise they made to Allah. And they will be true to the covenant they entered into with Allah.

Fa-Minhum Man Qadaa Nahbahu wa Minhum Man Yantazir.

"Some kept their word and already fulfilled their commitment;
Some others await their turn."

Wa Maa Baddaloo Tabdeela!

"But the one thing they did not do was to 
change the terms of their contract with God.
And go back on their word."

So, that is our work, people, that is our work: to read and make others read; to learn ourselves and to teach others.

Even as we never stop running around like mad doing all the chores and physical labors that we must do and that are associated with our work.

Burning the midnight oil during the night, as it were, and searing the soles of our feet during the day in the blistering sun.

Ruhbaanun Billaili,
Fursaanun Binnahaar!

"They will live like monks during the night,
And like brave soldiers on horseback during the day."

And that is what we all are supposed to do.

Read! And get everyone else in the world to read!

Learn and teach everyone else in the world.

Understand and make everyone else in the world understand.

And do all the work pertaining thereto. As long as there is a breath left in our body.

Not on others' sayso or behest. 

But on our own initiative and responsibility.

That is our work.

Dhaalikumullahu Rabbukum!

"That is your God! 
And that is the work you do for him."


Fa-Maa Dhaa Ba'dal Haqqi Illad Dalaal?

"Once we turn our back on Haqq, 
the Truth,
And the right way of doing things,
what else is there but to get lost and go astray?"


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