1. Boundaries Define Things and Give Them Character
  2. A Perfect Revolution for Basic Human Freedoms
  3. Islam’s Gift of Fundamental Human Rights and Freedoms
  4. Ability to Speak and Express Oneself: Essence of Human Life on Earth
  5. Islam: A Foundation for Peace on Earth
  6. God’s Boundaries Save Lives
  7. Moderation, Thy Name Is Islam: How Islam Nips Totalitarian Tendencies in the Bud
  8. Islam Is Not Guesswork: It Is Direct Divine Revelation
  9. Islam: A System Rooted in Original Divine Text
  10. Islamic “Reformation”: Colonialism in a New Garb
  11. Protestant Reformation: A Partial Islamization of Christianity
  12. Another Miracle: Islam Is Dynamic and Resilient
  13. A World Made in the Image of Islam
  14. Islam’s Constancy in the Face of Change
  15. World Adopts Islamic Teachings and Practices, But Gives Islam or Muslims No Credit
  16. Recalling the Handwashing Discovery by ASM in Mid-1990s
  17. Islam Is a “Path,” Not a Desert Expanse or a Jungle Bush
  18. Path Means Boundedness and Directionality
  19. King Henry VIII of England Starts a New Religion to Marry a New Wife
  20. There Is No Such Thing as “Halaal” Beer in Islam
  21. Islam Rolls with the Punches and Rises up Strong Every Time
  22. Will Some Muslims Misbehave? Surely They Will!
  23. God Almighty’s Commitment to Protect Islam