Prophet Muhammad, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam, came into this world in the 7th Century. He changed that world, from the way it was to pretty much the way it is today.

That means a lot of the things that you see in the world today, and you think they are all good, and you like them, chances are many of them are traceable to the teachings and legacy of Prophet, Muhammad, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam.

What I am about to say here is not an expression of my faith as a Muslim, but a simple statement of empirical truth. That means anyone anywhere can take any of what I am saying here and subject it to a Truth-Test of their own. […]


  • We are not prisoners of a narrow view of what people call religion, but we look at Islam the way the Qur’an presents it to us and how God Almighty suggests what Islam really is, and how Prophet Muhammad, sallahu alahi wa sallam, showed us what it is.
  • Islam and the laws of nature, and universe.
  • Human beings subject to the laws of God.
  • Different levels, forms and phases of Islam.
  • Freedom of choice to believe or reject belief in God Almighty.
  • Oxymoron in trying to prove the existence of God.
  • Why you can’t prove the existence of God – because God is whose existence you can’t prove.
  • The essence of a democratic way of life.
  • No Islam without democracy, democracy is God’s way.
  • There is compulsion on one-side and this is freedom and choice on the other side and that is Islam.
  • The devil’s successful lie, that Muslims don’t believe in choice.
  • God has made it a level playing field.
  • The Lie from the devil putting the blame on the women.
  • Divine instruments installed in us to protect ourselves from untruth and the devil.
  • The devil’s first lie.
  • Recovering from colonial domination; Africa, Americas, India, Arab World, Iran…
  • Generation after generation, brutality of dictatorship.
  • Suddenly the Egyptian nation woke up.