“Islam is simple, clear, uncomplicated. People, both Muslims and non-Muslims, make it sound hard, confusing and complicated.

Islam is from God and Islam is all good.

What is more, Islam is for all, and not just for Muslims.

What Muslims owe the world, and what the world owes itself, and which is a clear directive from God, is introduce the world to Islam – to make the world interface with Islam.

At one time, that was the mission of the messengers and Prophets that God sent into the world.

Now, in our own time, and forever, that remains the purpose and central focus of the life of Muslims in this world.” (Dr. Pasha) 


The inimitable Iqbal once sent out a message to the world — from the East. In a way, it was part of the Muslim ambivalence in coming to terms with the realities of Western domination over Muslim lives, lands, resources and cultures.

He called it Payaam-e-Mashriq.

The time has now come to send a message from the West back to the East — and to the rest of the world. Hence this column Payaam-e-Maghrib.

Except that in the world of Allah, there really is neither East nor West. The Muslims would know that if they had either mastered the science of geography, as they once had, or had carefully examined the super-science of Qur’an, as they must at all times.

As it stands, the very terminology of East-West dichotomy smacks of a tacit surrender on the part of the world — Muslim world included — to the domination of Western culture, thought and influence on its thinking and imagination. […]