Talking about Standards in Islam [Quote - 746]

Nov 5, 2016

The moment Imam calls out Allahu Akbar, the entire congregation, whether it is three people or 3000, goes down and bends over in Rukoo or falls down to the ground in Sujood

Not one exception anywhere!

No hedging; no arguments; no debates; no votes; no discussion; no excuses; nothing.

Allahu Akbar and action! 

Not Allahu Akbar and meaningless talk or procrastination or a litany of foolish double talk.

Those are our standards. The standards that our God -- God of the Worlds Rabbul Aalameen -- set for us.

And for the entire world.

Even the worse of us follow them in Namaaz -- or Salaah.

But even  the best of us cheat on them in real life -- outside Namaaz and Salaah

And we -- and the entire world of Allah -- pay the price for our cheating and our double standards.

For the way we turn our back on Allah's standards in real life situations -- outside Namaaz of course!


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