Tears of Blood Never Stop! [Quote – 1099]

May 28, 2021

If you are a Muslim, the kind that knows, feels and cares, and it is the only kind of Muslim that matters, chances are your tears of blood would never stop. 

You would think of the Qur’an and you would cry tears of blood! 

A book sent down by the Almighty to his creation everywhere, and that book would become an abandoned property at the hands of God’s own very special creation, the Muslims?

As the Rasul, Sallallahu Alaihis Salam, himself would say, addressing Allah:

Ya Rabbi,
Inna Qawumit-Takhazuoo Haadhal Qur’ana Mahjoora!


“My Rabb!
My people have indeed abandoned this Qur’an!”

And your tears of blood would never stop when you realize that people have to “urge” and beg people to come forward to embrace the opportunity to read Qur’an? 

I mean a collective reading, each on his or her own, to complete a Khatm — Complete Reading — every week?

In the first place, shouldn’t everyone be “urging” everyone to join and try to make this a truly Global Event?

I mean the collective reading of the Qur’an and completing one full reading every week? 

Doing one Khatm a week?

And, then, shouldn’t everyone be fighting to find a place on that list?

And then also shouldn’t we all be grateful and glad that there are individuals among us who are willing and able to shoulder the enormous task of organizing and coordinating the collective reading — Khatm — of the Qur’an on a weekly basis?


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