The Computer Knows [Quote - 551]

May 13, 2014

Upon hearing how the computer was routinely sending all my mail to Spam -- read: Rubbish Heap -- it dawned on me, Allahu Akbar, finally the computer seems to provide validation to what some humans have been saying to me from time to time, that much of what I say -- and write -- is just that: a heap of rubbish

Evidently, the Computer Knows!

And maybe, just maybe, all those Spies from around the world who prowl the Internet, and snoop on Free Citizens everywhere, know too.

However, if all my mail going directly to the garbage pile of Spam would save me from having to answer for any of it -- both for what it says and how it says it -- before God Almighty, on the Day of Judgment, imagine what a victory that would be.

How easily we humans forget, not the least the actual, or would-be or wannabee Muslims among us, that one day, before too long, we all will be standing before God Almighty, utterly guileless, helpless and defenseless, and answer not just for every deed we did, but also for every word we uttered -- or wrote.

And, take this -- but don't ask me for an explanation, not right now -- also for every thought we thought, no matter how hidden we kept it, deep down in our own hearts, from the rest of the world.

If only the world knew this and understood this!

And if only Muslims knew this and understood this!

And if only all the Crooks in the world -- political, economic, "religious," academic, media, or just plain, ordinary, everyday Crooks -- knew this and understood this!

What a different world our world would then be!


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