The Devil Seeks Out Good People to Mislead and to Destroy [Quote – 889]

The Devil – Shaitan or Satan – is a smart investor. 

He does not like to waste his capital on fools and wastrels who are already in his bag. People who are busy squandering their capital with God Almighty in one foolish way or another such as drinking or gambling.

And those given to a life of adultery, fornication and pedophilia. And those engaged in moral, economic, political and cultural corruption.

As a rule, he likes to maximize returns on his time, talent, training and effort. So, often, he chooses his targets quite wisely and carefully.

Bad People are already under his influence and in his grip. And he knows that. So why should he waste his time with them, right?

Shaitan knows that Bad People will be only too happy to do his bidding. All he has to do is snap his fingers and they will come running to him like a bevy of hungry, lovesick poodles. And he will make available for them all the opportunities for evil that they crave and indulge.

It is, therefore, the Good People that Shaitan – the Devil – is most after. And it is Good People that Shaitan worries about most.

Shaitan’s biggest challenge is how to start the Good People off on a slippery slope. How to make Good People take their first Bad Step

Once the Good People take their first Wrong StepShaitan knows that will bring them down from their secure Good Position and send them down spiraling to a free fall – and to eventual perdition.