The Great Communicator,
Malcolm X, Rahmatullahi Alaihi! [Quote - 920]

May 17, 2018

In a way, Muhammad Ali came to Allah through the sport of boxing.

But Allah led Malcolm X, Rahmatullahi Alaihi, to truth, even though Malcolm was no sportsman in the ordinary sense of that expression. But still what great sport Malcolm was in reality!

And what great communicator!

May Allah fill Malcolm's grave with his blessings and with his light!

And how Malcolm grew and evolved from a confused and then hate-filled individual, seething with rage against White Racism and Oppression of the Blacks, in America and elsewhere, into an embodiment of love and justice and compassion for all.

And how Allah made Malcolm’s tongue an Instrument of Truth – often a blunt one – in a world and in an era characterized by confusion, obfuscation and mendacity, and filled with hate, prejudice and oppression.

Was it any wonder then that his voice and his passion for truth and justice filled the bosoms of his friends with love and the hearts of his enemies with terror?


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