The Great Muslim Default [Quote - 791]

Feb 12, 2017

When I open my eyes and look -- and when are the eyes of a Believer ever completely shut? -- my heart fills with a sadness I cannot describe in words. 

Not at all the most terrible and egregious things the world is doing to the Muslims, which the world is, but more so at what the Muslims themselves are doing:

(a) To themselves.

(b) And to the world.

God commissioned Muslims to invite the world to him and to Islam. 

To take the Qur'an to every home and heart that needs it, 
as it were, and which one does not?

But Muslims seem to be doing everything but that.

The result is what you see:

(a) Muslims in terrible shape.

(b) World in worse shape.

And not a voice to admonish and alert them. And to cry halt.


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