The Greatest Wealth We Can Have --
And the Stealth Weaponry We Own! [Quote - 676]

Apr 10, 2016

The greatest wealth a human being can have is the belief that there is no God but Allah. 

And that Allah is in control of his world -- and of our life on earth, every single one of us, all the time.

And to work to let that belief -- that faith -- rise to the level of certain knowledge is the greatest blessing one can hope to attain in this world.

It is the stage of: 

Fa'lam Annahu Laa Ilaaha Illallah!

"Know, have the sure knowledge, that there is no God but God!"

It is the stage of certainty -- Yaqeen

It is a gift that is given to people when they are ready for it. And the path to it is non-stop, unflagging Work for Allah.

Fa'bud Rabbaka Hattaa Ya'tiyakal Yaqeen.

"Just keep doing Allah's work till Yaqeen comes to you, 
till Yaqeen is conferred upon you."

Allahu Akbar, what a Deen this Deen of Allah is!

And then we all have a stealth weapon in our possession. It is weaponry that we alone know about. 

And it is our Du'a.

And it is an entirely private affair between us and our Master -- God Almighty.

And it is launched from anywhere at any time in any language whether in public or private. But it is best deployed when we are alone with our Master -- in the dead of night, the last one-third of it: couple-of-three-hours before Sunrise. 

With tears flowing and hearts breaking and wails rising!

That is the Du'a of a believer. Begging Allah for things; talking to Allah; pleading with Allah. 

Especially when we are in need. And when are we not -- in need?

And when Allah makes a decision -- issues a decree that is: Qadaa it is called -- nothing can alter or erase that decree.

Except one thing. And that one thing is Du'a. That is the only thing that can make Allah alter and reissue his earlier decree.

And the Eternal Law of Du'a is: 

Du'a Never Fails.

The only question is when and where and in what form it will be answered.

What a stealth weapon we all have been given. 

One question to ask is: 

Do we all use the stealth weaponry of Du'a often enough? 

This most powerful instrument of altering our life -- and the world,
that Allah has placed in our possession?


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