The Joy of Being Part of the Islamic Movement:
A Movement That Comes Down from God in Heaven to Serve Human Beings on Earth!

Apr 30, 2016

The Joy of Being Part of the Islamic Movement:

A Movement That Comes Down from God in Heaven to Serve Human Beings on Earth!

Dr. Pasha

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And which One Does Not?)

Islam is from God. And, to the extent life is a movement, Islam is also a movement. 

And there is no joy greater than being a part of such a movement: the Islamic Movement.

You may be a very smart man — or woman. 

You may be a very highly educated man — or woman.

You may be a wealthy and powerful man — or woman.

You may be a great leader and organizer.

But if you have tasted the fruit of Islam, this is what you do: You delight and revel in being part of the movement that is Islam: the Islamic Movement.

And in most dutifully carrying out the slightest directives and instructions that come down from the leadership of such a movement.

The movement that is run by leadership that you helped to elect. 

Once you have elected that leadership, you make discipline your middle name. The Qur’an calls it Sam’ and Ta’ah.

It translates to “We hear and we obey!” 

And that is precisely what you do. You carry out every directive and every decision by the leadership as if your life depended on it.

You realize that when you cast that vote, and gave that pledge of allegiance, it was God’s hand that was placed directly above your hand.

Yadullahi Fawuqa Ayideehim.

That means you thus answer to God even as you answer to your fellow-humans in positions of power and leadership you helped to create — leadership you helped to elect.

There are no words to describe the joy and pride you feel in being part of such a movement. And in dutifully and joyfully carrying out the slightest commands of such a leadership that is in charge of running such a movement. 

So long, you realize, so long as you are not asked to do anything sinful against God or harmful and injurious to your fellow-human beings. 

In that case, your equally ready and enthusiastic answer is: “No!”

Your answer is:

“I cannot obey a human being created by God when doing so would require me to disobey the creator himself.”

Laa Ta’ata Li-makhlooqin Fi Ma’siyatil Khaaliq.

How much more beautiful does it get?

And what a beautiful world it would be if the whole world followed such a movement: the Islamic Movement!

Or at least if the world embraced and acted on the simple principle that says:

“No obedience to anyone in the Creation,

When it means disobedience to the Creator himself!”

This does not limit your Liberty. Or curb your freedoms.

It only gives all human freedoms a framework and a divine foundation that no one can shake or alter.


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