The Khilaafat Mandate Or The Founding Charter of the Human Race on Earth Or Simply: The Tools of the Trade of Working for Allah in This World!

Apr 22, 2016

The Khilaafat Mandate
The Founding Charter of the Human Race on Earth

Or Simply:

The Tools of the Trade of Working for
Allah in This World!

Dr. Pasha

(Bringing Islam to the World One Concept at a Time!
Taking the Qur'an to Every Home and Heart that Needs It --
And which One Does Not?)

No work ever gets done without proper training and without proper tools. At least, it never gets done the way it should be.

And then when it comes to human beings, motivation is crucial. It cannot be minimized or pushed to the side.

Therefore, while external circumstances are absolutely important – don't ever underestimate them – what really drives many of us human beings, and gives many of us that extra push, is the way we feel inside: our inner motivation and drive.

No denying or disputing that fact.

But at the same time, never ever underestimate the role of the Tools of the Trade: everything you need to be able to do Allah's Work in this world. 

And that means all the worldly means and resources we need to be able to do the Work of Allah on this earth, and do it well – in the various societies, communities of the world in which we live and experience life.

And, once again, do it well and efficiently – and effectively.

That is Allah's mandate of Khilafah to us in our earthly tenure:

Work, and work well. And, as you move along, craft and press into service all the means and methods and technologies you need to be able to do it – to the expected and desired level of excellence.

Call that Khilafat Mandate from Allah to us human beings the Founding Charter of Humanity on Earth.

And a Tafsir, if you will, of the Aayat Karimah:

Innee Jaa-'ilun Fil Ardi Khaleefah.

And of another Aayah Karimah:

Wa 'Allama Aadamal Asmaa-a Kullaha.

And of another Aayat Karimah:

Allama Bil-Qalam.

And of yet another Aayah Karimah – immediately following:

'Allamal Insaana Maa Lam Ya’lam.

And of that other Aayat Karimah referencing the context of human exile from Jannah – and the start of the Human Khilaafat Mandate on earth:

Fa-Immaa Ya’tiyannakum Minnee Hudan,
Fa-Man Tabi’a Hudaaya,
Fa-Laa Khawfun Alaihim wala hum Yahzanoon.

And the essence of that Charter is simple and straightforward:

Perfect all knowledge, and all understanding, and all tools and technologies and techniques and devices, required to turn your temporary abode on earth into a replica of your permanent home in Paradise/Jannah:

Full of joy and peace and bliss for everyone!

A place of complete freedom from pain, worry,
Anxiety, grief and sorrow!

That means the means are as vital as any inner drive, motivation or commitment one may have. 

In fact, to turn your back on them – on worldly means that is – is to turn your back on Allah.

At least for most of us it is.

True, when a carpenter builds a house, he does so with Allah's help. It is Allah who is the builder – in every case. Not a doubt about it.

But, at the same time, for any of us to show up at our building site without a hammer and a chisel and a set of nails, and other essential tools of carpentry, is foolish.

And, in that context, to invoke the name of Allah as an excuse for not being fully prepared – from a “worldly” point of view – borders on charlatanism.

It is really mocking the Deen of Allah. And it is laughing at God Almighty – and taking him for granted, which, of course, is what most of us do, at least most of the time.

So, when it comes to Working for Allah, it is not just your inner stuff – your Taqwa; your Iman; your commitment; and all the rest – that you need to worry about, but also your external Tools of the Trade of doing Allah's Work.

And that could include your pen and paper; your computer and all its requirements; your shoes, your bicycle, your car or your airplane that will allow you to move about freely; and everything else.

So, all those things need to be constantly available, and in good repair, and ready to use.

Time and effort spent in obtaining them, as well as in maintaining them in good working condition, is Ibaadat – of the highest order.

That is because a Muslim is a master of his or her situation, not its slave.

A Muslim owns the world; the world does not own him or her.

A Muslim runs the world; the world does not run him or her.

This is the Muslim People's true profile. And it is also their big forgotten lesson: that they should master the Tools of the Trade with regard to every situation they are in.

This lesson – and this training – is all part of the education and training – Ta’leem and Tazkiyah – that the Qur’an and Prophet Muhammad, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam, came into this world to impart.

And this is also what the Muslim World needs today – perhaps more than ever before.


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