The Methodology of Quote-Unquote [Quote – 558]

Aug 10, 2014

Humans communicate in many ways. And for many purposes.

Some give speeches. Some write articles. Some sing and dance.

And some, as Shakespeare I think put it, communicate through silences.

The Internet has caused a virtual explosion in both the amount and forms of communication. Emails, Blogs and Social Media are everywhere and used for every conceivable reason or purpose, and at times without any rhyme or reason or sense.

Quite often, talking for the sake of talking is a favorite human pastime.

And also, apparently, quite a powerful human need. Meaning: People need to talk or else they will go mad.

Our Methodology of Quote-Unquote is meant to serve a very special purpose. It is designed to make people think and ask some serious and meaningful questions on issues of importance to human life and society.

Each Quote picks a specific idea or point and addresses it clearly and concisely and in as few words as possible. Often, the ideas are quite clear and specific.

This is a whole new methodology of public communication we believe we have developed and we are using for our purpose.

And that purpose is simple: To convey to people some precise points and make people think. 

And ask some meaningful questions.

Of course, on the broad and most inclusive subject — what else? — of Islam, Muslims and the World.


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