The Miracle of "Smart Salaam"

May 18, 2007


The Miracle of "Smart Salaam"

Dr. Pasha

(Bringing Islam to the World One Concept at a Time!
Taking the Qur'an to Every Home and Heart that Needs It --
And which One Does Not?)


"Those You Know and Those You Don't":
What Magic Words!

Ask yourself how many big, fat books, with long and complicated footnotes, do you need to read before realizing that - perhaps - there is no one else in this world running around wildly and uncontrollably blessing everyone and everything in sight?

Except the Muslims that is?

That is right: blessing everyone and everything everywhere.

Who but the Muslims? Who is doing that other than the Muslims - wherever they are, and such as they are?

I mean running around saying "Assalamu Alaikum!" to one and all

Exactly as God Almighty's beloved Prophet, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam, told and taught them to do.

In case you would like to know, his exact words were: 'Alaa man 'arafta, wa 'alaa mal-lam ta'arif.

Paraphrase: Give Salaam "to those you know. And those you do not know."

That is what the Muslims were told to do. That is what the Muslims were trained and schooled to do. That is what the Muslims were apprenticed to do. By the noble prophet of God - may God Almighty bless him!

And may he also bless all his other prophets and messengers such as Jesus, Moses, Abraham, Solomon and David.

And that is exactly and precisely what the Muslims actually do to this very day - all over the world: they run around blessing the whole world.

Don't forget those earth-shaking and immortal words: 'Alaa man 'arafta, wa 'alaa mal-lam ta'arif.

Go forth and rain down the blessings of Salaam "on all those you know." And "on everyone else that you do not know."

Nearly One-Fourth of Humanity


What a sweeping, powerful and practical social, moral, political, economic, spiritual and psychological tool it is, this Salaam that Muslims have in their possession, that in one neat little stroke it nullifies all the little gods and demons of color, caste, race, religion, class and country!

Do you know anyone else who does that in this world? Tell me who else is doing that?

Oh, don't tell me "Muslims only say Salaam to other Muslims." What is wrong with that, even if that is entirely true, which it is not?

That still covers nearly one-fourth or one-fifth of the entire human race, does it not? And it covers most of Planet Earth I guess, because Muslims are spread all over the globe, wouldn't you think?

So, bring it on, ladies and gentlemen, bring it on! What do we got that is better or superior to this God-given formula for peace, tranquility, fairness, justice, equality, joy, health, wealth and blessings?

Who Else Is Doing That?

So, who else, folks? Answer me! Who else is doing that?

I mean covering one-fourth or one-fifth of humanity - around the clock and around the globe with Saturation Blessing?

Every micro-, milli- and nano-second: Twenty-Four Seven?


As if they were possessed!

In fact, it is one unbroken and seamless continuity of saturation bombing - oops, blessing is what I wanted to say, Saturation Blessing - of the universe. Not with explosives and incendiaries that kill, maim, burn, and poison God's good earth, with all its inhabitants and occupants, from humans to animal to plants, but filling the world with God's blessings that heal, soothe, nourish, build and give life.

What an expression that: Saturation Bombing! I guess that is who we human beings are. And that is how we like to do things. We like to saturation bomb whatever we can, whenever and however we can do it.

Who Is Blessing Your Kids?

But, at the other side of the spectrum, that is also what the Muslims do: They Saturation Bless the whole universe - non-stop, twenty-four seven.

I can understand a couple of eyebrows shooting up as people read this statement. But I am telling you: That is what the Muslims are supposed to do. That is what they are trained to do. That is what they are programmed to do. That is what they are spiritually hardwired to do.

And what you don't know about Muslims - and what many Muslims don't know about themselves - is that that is exactly and precisely what Muslims actually do.

They are busy blessing you, your kids and your family; your workplaces, your farms and your factories; your streets, your playgrounds and your neighborhoods; your countries, your communities and your societies; your land, your water and your seas; your air, your forests and everything else associated with you, even as you go about your normal life walking, talking, eating, drinking, working, having fun, making merry, resting or sleeping.

That is right. That is who the Muslims are. And that is what they do.

That is their job. Their raison d'etre on this earth.

Yes, Muslims, that is what you do. And that is who you are. That is why God Almighty placed you on his earth: to bless his creation.

Who Is Counting the Spillover Salaam
and the "Collateral Blessing"?

And I don't think anyone is counting all that spillover Salaam when Muslims so generously invoke their blessings on a specific target by saying: "May the peace and blessings of God Almighty rain down on you!"

Can you tell me what you estimate to be the average radius of a common, run-of-the-mill Smart Salaam?

I mean what target area does your average Salaam cover? How many square inches, feet, yards, acres, hectares, kilometers or miles does it blanket and saturate?

And what about all the Collateral Blessing to the unintended "victims" of your Salaam and Blessing Blitz with which you continue to fill the world day and night?

Saturation Blessing vs. Saturation Bombing

Yes, it is fair to say that that is what the Muslims do. They fill God's earth with Saturation Blessing, while some others may fill it with Saturation Bombing.

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